Finish Lines, and completing Routes

I been looking around and reading and have read multiple posts about this, “Finish Line?” - All those post are either Archived or dead on the water. So here is my turn again.

My Wife and I are new to Zwift and we love it. But one thing that irks us big time. We pick a route to do lets say 13.3k, 424m (Elevation) and i get started. I give it my all coming to those last few kilometers to then no Finish line. No Course Completed. Nothing, sends me back down the mountain to do it again.

I have read that this is intentional and that you have the option to continue or not and I understand this but I want to see my finish line of that said Route. Its so mentally draining to know that i finished it but Not really cause it keeps going. Please for the love of all that is holy. If we pick a route to exercise just pls add the finish lines and give us the option to continue or not. Its like when i get on a treadmill and decide to do 45mins when i hit those 40mins I get into that zone, the finish line is coming and i give it my all, then you hit 45mins goes into cool down/ you feel accomplished and bam you feeling good.

But when Zwift does not say course completed OH MY ■■■!!

Well that is my 2cents. Please add this feature. If you pick a Route and it says so and so miles or KM, there should be a Congratulations you finished the Route. Bam done.

Sorry for the bad Grammar, wall of text and everything else in between. I normally do not give give feedback or my thoughts.

Hi Robert and welcome to the forum.

If you’d like a very clear finish to your ride, you and your wife could create a meetup with the course of your choosing. At the end of the route, you go through a finish line.

Happy Zwifting

I hope I’m wrong here but whenever I have finished a route there has been a completion badge that pops up and a finish line/arch. The distance zwift advertises is the route + a lead in to the start of the route, don’t ask me why they made it so confusing. So if you have been ending dot on the distance you haven’t actually completed it. Check your route badges.


I had this happen as well. The distance on the App is not the total distance for the completed route. The route always includes a lead in, sometimes a few miles long.

Google the route before starting it and go to the Zwift Forum page for the route. It shows you the lead in plus the route for a total ride.

There is Almost always a finish line of some sort and you definitely will have a banner appear if you have never completed the route before. Plus some XP to level up!

The only exception I can think of is the Mega Pretzel, which just ends somewhere on the land bridge between the volcano and the Italian village.

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There always used to be a finish line, plus an arch, and a completion pop up badge - but the last couple of months it seems to have stopped doing that

I wondered if it is something in settings - clearly some of you guys are seeing that still, which suggests it might be individual settings?