Finish Line?


Yesterday I setup my trainer and started using Zwift. My first ride was amazing, and a huge kudos to the Zwift team.

I do have a noob question, I rode the Watopia Figure 8 course and had a great ride. But that Watopia course is 29.8 km, but I never saw any kind of finish line and just kept on riding. I was watching the orange “progress bar” in the data display, and when it reached the end I just basically stopped riding, and ended the ride and saved it.

I rode well beyond the 29.8 km Watopia Figure 8 course. Is there a finish line or some type of indication when the route is completed? And what dose the orange “progress bar” indicate?

Thanks in advance from a new Zwifter



Welcome to Zwift!

There isn’t really a finish line. You just ride until you decide you want to finish :slight_smile:

The orange progress bar shows your level progression/rider level. You can find more information about the HUD here.


Thank you for the answer to me question. Makes sense now. Take care…


I think a finish line would be an awesome addition. It would be nice to know when I’ve finished the specific ride. Maybe even build in a timer so that I can try to beat my best time or keep lap times.

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I would also agree, a finish line or countdown timer would be a nice touch.

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Some of the Loops do have a counter and end at the finish line, Try the “London Loop” it has a timer for both forward and reverse. 

I completely agree a finish line would be great.

I’m really surprised there isn’t one.

Hello, I feel exactly the same.

There are some maps which are on Zwiftblog, which help if you print them off and work out where you are and where you need to finish, howevr given the amount of sweat it might be best to laminate them… 

I also look at my performance Strava afterwards, although in terms of setting up a segment for the whole route, there doesn’t appear to be one for the Watopia figure of 8 loop. Also, you can only really look at it once you have finished the ride, which defeats to object somewhat!

Finally, as per an earlier post, it would be good to be able to save your pb for a route, and then see how you are doing relative to it during future rides. You could then see whether you are ahead, behind, and thus effectively race yourself. “No time counts apart from your own” seems to be a familiar adage.

Love Zwift, though, for all it’s minor faults. 

There might be a third-party app which does the job… I’m off to have a rummage on the internet to find out, although I’ll probably come back with a saucepan set and a fruit tree for the garden. 







Re the previous Strava comment, I have had a rummage through that, too, and the whole loop IS set up as a segment, under the ‘Hidden’ segments section, when I look at it on my PC. 

I found it through the Zwiftblog routes catalogue, which includes a link to a Strava segment for the whole route, for each of the standard rides. 

Again, this is only retrospective, but would stop us over-riding the end of the route as you can zoom in on the map on Strava, and identify where the route ends.

I wish I had known on Wednesday, as I could have done with stopping 10 minutes earlier, to be honest. The kids were kicking off and Mrs W needed a bit of a hand wrangling them into bed.  Hey ho. Next time (I told her). 


Love Zwift.  Finish lines seems like a simple request I hope they address soon. I would  like more warning to sprint and KOM segments.