Problem with finding routes

I have recently upgraded from a free subscription to paid subscriptions. I find two problems with route selection. A On the first two consecutive days under routes I could not find the London or Innsbruk routes. It’s either Watopia or NYC. B. When I choose a particular route and go for the ride, it selects some other route which I am forced to take.
Am I doing something wrong or should do in some other way?
Some help will be really appreciated.
With kind regards and thanks
PS - I just discovered that these London, NYC, Innsbruk etc routes are not all available on all days of the month. There is a schedule. Sorry for the newbie question (just goes to show Zwift is not dummy proof). But I still need an answer to the second question.

Once you select a route, you can ignore the turn indicators. As long as you do not make a turn, you will ride the route you selected. The turn indicators do not display the route name, instead displaying a specific landmark or feature w/in the map.

And yes, Watopia is always available while the second world/map will rotate between the other worlds/maps (e.g.,London, Innsbruck, etc…)

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Thanks for taking the time out to reply to me Lin. I get what you are saying and indeed I do not change my course and don’t take any of the turns.

My issue is suppose I choose, like I did just now - “The Six Train” in New York which is a 6.5 km ride. When I start the ride it does not say anywhere that I am riding the Six Train. In fact there is a block on the left hand side that says Central Park Loop 9.7 km. It goes on and off as I keep riding.

As I ride on at 6.5 km nothing really happens. That is to say there is no way for me to realise that the course I chose has ended. There is an arch gate, however, at 7.1 or something. I ended the ride at around 8 km on my own.

On Strava I find I completed The Six Train Ride in xx min and it’s 6.45 km.

My question is - does it show anywhere on the screen which ride I am currently riding? Not that it matters but it will be nice to know.

Sorry that I am asking what might sound like a very newbie stupid question to veterans. But my issue is I don’t have any personal friend who is on Zwift and who can handhold me a bit. Hence I turned to this forum.

Thanks once again and regards.

The short answer is no. There are only a few routes that have that banner like the one you mentioned “Central Park Loop” and when you cross into one of those loops you get the banner. If you don’t take any manual turns you will stay on the route you chose in the start.

Most (if not all) routes end at the start finish banner.

Te reason you see longer distance is because zwift start you before hr start line.

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This is neither a stupid question nor a newbie one. It has been repeatedly requested and discussed. You’re in good company. Here are just a few past threads about it. Vote for the feature request to show your support.


Thanks a lot Gerrie and Aaron. Now it makes sense and I feel a little less dumb :wink: I was all along assuming that these features, like a finish line or the name of the course you are on displayed somewhere, must be too obvious and I must be a complete dummy not to find them. But now I can see that Zwift is not entirely logical and perfect. That makes it more human, I guess.
Thanks guys. I really appreciate this handholding.

When I was on my tour to London, I stayed at the Presidential Marylebone Serviced Apartment. I joined the zwift riding course. My decision to join that course was good that made my journey more enjoyable and fun-loving. During the ride, there was no problem with finding routes because they provide an indicator that gave the correct route indication.