Route info

Blows my mind this doesn’t exist. You choose a route. And hit ride. Now, you never ever see details of the route again. There needs to be a progress bar on the screen while riding to view the route details start-finish. As well as a bonus “pbs” along the way, other route options from where you currently are on the map and I’m sure a few more could be added here.

Not sure why this isn’t higher. It’s been a frustration of mine too.

If you’ve chosen a route at a minimum it should tell you what one you’re doing. The distance left on the route would be icing on the cake.


It would also be nice to be able to click on the map or view it in the companion app and have the route you’ve selected highlighted. I sometimes can’t remember where the rest of the route is going.

I’m just starting out and was wondering if i’m going insane… why can’t i see my progress around the currently selected route? crazy!
No distance remaining indication that i can see, no highlights on the map. It seems like super basic functionality, i hope someone can show us how to find this info!


Up! I was thinking the same!, How is that zwift doesn’t show that BASIC data!, It should include averages, pace, ETA, distance, at least!

I’m not going to say this isn’t a good idea, but I think Zwift’s thinking is, generally, that riders can make manual turns at any intersection and that once this happens they are no longer on a route, and any timing or progress just gets thrown out the window. The only routes I know of that have a timer are the ones that offer a ‘lap leader’ jersey for the fastest time.

In a lot of ways this is just like being outside, I suppose, and once you become familiar with the route it’s not a big deal anymore.

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This is besides the point. If you don’t make any other turns and you follow the route that was chosen, I want to know how far it is to finish. How far I’ve come. How I’m comparing to my PB. What the profile looks like coming up. This is a game this is not reality. Therefore the game should have these features. Also things like “the next climb is one you suffer on, save your legs and pace yourself” … things like this take this platform to the next level.

I guess it all depends on what you want out of Zwift, which will never be able to please everyone. Personally, I would find all of that annoying. I don’t have any of that IRL, so why do I need it in Zwift? I ride the routes, learn what they are like and, in time, I know all of the things you are wanting Zwift to tell you up-front. To me this is just a part of the whole experience, just like it would be IRL.

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I would love it if you could lock into a route so that you don’t accidentally change direction. If you locked in the route it could always pop up a message to tell you to unlock if you want to change course.