More detailed route info/planner

Here’s something I’ve had in mind: what if on Zwift companion when we’re not riding/running we could play around and view the 3D maps (kind of like roaming around in Minecraft), create routes, and save them, for easy navigation and planning on mobile via Zwift Companion or the main app (this could also be done for Zwift-made existing routes)! Zwift could also maybe find a way to do so auto verification somehow so you (Zwift) don’t work on 20M+ routes (just being considerate and helpful) for badges. They could just allow us to do it but I have a feeling people would then get free (-ish, because you still have to ride/run it) route badges. Things like total elevation/decent, profile, EST. Finish Time, average speed/pace, and maybe estimated HR based on your log (so have some sort of relative effort) etc. as well as Relative Effort (things like this could include being able to adjust for multiple people in case some- like me, share the same account with someone else, or a family plan) could be included. Also a clean language detector for safety is a MUST for title and description of the route! (No demanding here, just it would be needed). Also, could have some sort of walkthrough (run/ride-through…:joy: pun intended) could be implemented to kind of get a feel and could have the option for 2x, 3x, etc speed so you’re not bored. And/or we could scroll through it like a YouTube video and have a map as well to see where we are. Just a thought for easy navigation. You could also see segments and surface type. Also it would be nice to set goals on segments/routes/rides. Please share your thoughts below. :arrow_down:
Ride On!

Yeah this would be cool, but since it’s handled fairly well by 3rd party websites like Zwift Insider and (and for the estimates of completion time) I can think of many things that would provide a bigger return on engineering time.

I know. I was just trying to find an easier and more convenient way to plan routes while not on a computer/on the go and being able to save them to the list of Zwift routes for easy finding and navigation.

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