Some ideas

I tried to have a look through previous posts, but couldn’t find things that expressed what I was thinking, so these are some features I think would be cool.

  • When losing contact with a robopacer, it would be nice if the drop multiplier had a countdown timer and gradually reduced in value based on the gap from the pacer, rather than shut off completely / reset - it would give us a better chance to regroup. (Example: “Multiplier reducing to 2.0x in 10,9,…)
  • Have a “routes near me” selection box upon completion of a route / workout so we can link smaller routes together for badge hunting in a single ride, or the ability to plan and connect routes before starting
  • When searching for Zwifters in the companion app, always have our “Favourites” at the top of the list - possibly even with a status icon (online or not)
  • In the companion app, have a menu option for “home” that can be accessed while connected to our main device
  • Access to the garage through the Companion app
  • After receiving a ride-on from another rider, momentarily lock their banner at the top or bottom of the list so we don’t have to chase their name (and the orange thumb) up and down the screen … or even have their name pop up on the companion app for a quick and easy thumbs up … or both
  • Maybe an option for automatic ride-on responses to return a thumb once received (good for workouts, etc when we’re concentrating)
  • Greyscale colour sliders for bike frames

I’ll likely think of more as time goes on, but these are the ones I’ve thought of most.

For the first item on your list, Zwift already provide an on-screen message to either slow down or speed up if you’re about to lose contact with the pacer group, so that you can adjust your speed accordingly. Is this not enough to allow you to regroup?

For the second item, Zwift’s current design doesn’t allow for multiple route badges in a single ride. So, while this request has been made many times before, it’s unlikely to happen without a redesign of the program. (I do think it could be interesting, though, as it would open up the opportunity for a new ‘bonus badge’ for completing all the routes in a world in a single ride.)

For the ‘search’ question, are you talking about the ‘Find Zwifters’ option in ZC? If so, why would you search there for your favorites, instead of in the list of people you’re following? (At some point in the past I think the ZC app actually separated the followers list between ‘online’ and not, but changed it for reasons I can’t remember. IiRC, people were unhappy about this at the time, but have now adapted to the new normal. But there is a notification on the main page of the ZC app to tell you which of the people you are following are active.)

For the ‘Home’ button question: what are you wanting this to do? What Home screen?

The garage access from the ZC app has been requested MANY times. Nothing from Zwift on this one.

I think your two Ride On suggestions have been requested before, also.

Adding greyscale colors to the slider would be a nice addition, IMO.

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Color pickers that include greys have been invented. Bikes, hair, etc could all be managed that way.

Yes to #6!

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Thanks a lot for the thorough reply. I’ll try clarify a couple things.

  • Generally the existing on-screen message is enough to allow regrouping with a robopacer, but there have been a number of times my friends and I have accidentally rolled too quickly down a long decent and lost the multiplier, or waited for the pacer only to have them shoot past like a rocket and it can be super frustrating. I guess I’m after something a bit closer resembling the ‘fence’ timer from group rides so it’s easier to quickly see where we are in relation to the pacer, then instead of instantly losing a 2.5 multiplier, have it ‘zap’ a level at a time based on our distance from the target.
    Even a way to ‘brake’ and slow myself would be really helpful here
  • I can appreciate the programming required for multiple badges in a single ride, so that makes sense. But yes, a “World Completion” or “Multi-route” badge (or similar) could be really cool.
  • When I connect to Zwift on my iPad, ZC on my phone defaults to the map page and I lose access to the main page where I can immediately see and access info for those I’m following and their current status. I may be missing something, but the only way I can find them is to search through “find Zwifters” and I’d like to have those I follow (especially ‘favourites’) at the top.
  • ‘Home’ screen refers to the main page mentioned above. I can’t seem to find it once ZC has connected to the main app. This would take care of the above point also.
  • I’m learning how to refine my searches within the forum, so hopefully I can avoid repetitive requests in future
  • I think some bikes really lend themselves to greyscale and some of us just prefer understated colours or combinations like white frame w/ black everything else. Plus my current main bike IRL is grey so I just want it to match :sweat_smile:

I can change my hair colour within greyscale, but none of my bikes have the option - just the colour scale