Feature Suggestions

Since the “Help > Feedback and Suggestions” area in the companion app only allows questions to be asked (perhaps it needs renamed?), I am forced to post my suggestions here instead.

I assume some of these have been suggested before, but here are my current top 5:

  1. Add ability to directly access badges, garage, challenges, etc. without having to start a ride first. This would be useful to do either through zwift app, companion app, or both.

  2. Mark routes as “completed” in the route list when selecting a route to ride in a world, thus providing feedback to the user that they have already completed the route. Perhaps show a badge next to them?

  3. Display “actual” route distances / elevations required to complete the route and get the points. This would help with planning rides given a timeframe.

  4. This one is more difficult…BUT it would be nice to be able plan a ride by linking routes together in the same world instead of needing to end a ride and start a new ride to compete another route. For example: a user may want to do a warmup route, main set route, cool down route all in one ride.

  5. When displaying the route elevation on screen through the companion app, center the current elevation on the screen so the rider can see what elevation is coming. Also, adding a straight line marker on the elevation chart to indicate where the rider currently is would also enhance the feature.

Thank you for considering these enhancements!

Yep, all of these have been suggested multiple times. Please search the forums and vote up and comment on the existing Feature Request you have listed.

Closing this thread to keep the focus on the main ones.

Ride On!.

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