Companion App - bump up missing features

Hi Zwift Team!

as the official Zwift Twitter account redirected me to the forums (reference: unfortunately no links allowed, please get in touch if you should need the tweet link) - here I am :wink:

Please add some missing features to the already good Companion app - to push it to be outstandingly awesome!

What I am missing at the moment:

On my own profile, please let me have a look at:

  • Badges - my achievements like route badges, wattage badges etc. Let me show off my achievements, pretty please :innocent: Especially the route badges come in handy to plan rides to tick off the routes. Bonus task: select a Zwift friend (or multiple), compare route badges on completed/open to tackle these in teams/meetups :partying_face:
  • please show challenges and their progress like Climb Mt. Everest, Tour Italy, Ride California…
  • provide access to the Drop Shop - I wanna spend’em :money_mouth_face: without having to get up from the couch, going to the pain cave :rofl:, start up my gear, go to the full Zwift app (okok, the app is available for iOS/Android, so I could skip the previous part, but still:), skip trainer selection, start a ride, wait for map to load, going back to menu and select drop shop
  • provide access to Garage - like the drop shop, only via full app and some mouse clicking-milage required. Changing trikots, bikes etc can be done way ahead of the Zwift session

For other Zwift users, please let me see their (if privacy settings allow it or they accepted my follow request):

  • achievements and badges like for my profile
  • challenges like Mt. Everest, similar to above request on own profile


  • the filter works great, but there are just two buttons < and > to pick a date. Please add a date picker to jump to a specific date, too - this will also reduce load on loading events for every day when you want to plan ahead using the Companion app

Sure, that is not just a single feature request, it is a bunch of - but I am looking forward on how the Companion app is going to evolve. I’d be happy to beta-test this, too :blush:

Ride On! And thanks in advance

i fully support your first 4 requests! Being able to check route badges before starting would be amazing.