List of achieved badges should be available in the companion app or My Zwift

(Troy) #1

Does anyone else find it a pain that the only way you can check which badges you’ve earned is through starting a Zwift ride, then pausing and going to check what you’ve earned?

It would be handy to have those achievements as a page in the companion app so that you can check when not logged directly into the Zwift app. Also, being able to see the requirements to earn a badge without having to read the webpage would be handy…

(Adam) #2

Good idea. Voted for.
Will also add additional feature to it:

  • on hovering each non yet earned badge an info will be shown with details of what left to earn this badge. Example: the badge of Avid Climber (Climb 5 times Alpe du Zwift) , when clicking on it or on mouse hover it will write how many climbs are left to receive this badge (example: “3 more climbs left”). Same for any other budge that requires multiple activities.
(Frazer) #3

Yes, it’s a complete pain. Likewise if I want to change my Avatar everything must be done by starting a ride. Likewise if I want to view a training plan/workout, it all needs to be checked via the app and start a ride. The Companion app is not a very helpful companion.