List of achieved badges should be available in the companion app or My Zwift

Does anyone else find it a pain that the only way you can check which badges you’ve earned is through starting a Zwift ride, then pausing and going to check what you’ve earned?

It would be handy to have those achievements as a page in the companion app so that you can check when not logged directly into the Zwift app. Also, being able to see the requirements to earn a badge without having to read the webpage would be handy…

Good idea. Voted for.
Will also add additional feature to it:

  • on hovering each non yet earned badge an info will be shown with details of what left to earn this badge. Example: the badge of Avid Climber (Climb 5 times Alpe du Zwift) , when clicking on it or on mouse hover it will write how many climbs are left to receive this badge (example: “3 more climbs left”). Same for any other budge that requires multiple activities.

Yes, it’s a complete pain. Likewise if I want to change my Avatar everything must be done by starting a ride. Likewise if I want to view a training plan/workout, it all needs to be checked via the app and start a ride. The Companion app is not a very helpful companion.



Drives me nuts that I can’t review available badges or completed badges from the companion app. Even front the actual application you can’t see see the badges until AFTER you start riding. Now that there are route badges, you’d think you could see available badges BEFORE you start your ride. To switch areas you have to CLOSE the application and restart. Very strange UX. I’m sure there is a reason why it was built this way, but that reason I think escapes most of us.


+1 would help plan rides



Wonder who from the Ux-department thought it was a good idea to make the menu accessible only when a ride is started…? It should be accessible when logging in and in the companion app as well


The companion app should be able to view your entire Zwift experience. So including badges, but you should also be able to change your kit / bike for the next time you load the game.

A lot of us are under time pressure when we are in the pain cave and wanting to ge ta workout done, but can access the companion app almost any time.


Yes, this is especially annoying now that there are badges for routes, but you can’t get back to the route picker page without completely quitting Zwift and launching it again.

I can pick a route from the first screen that I THINK I haven’t done yet, then start the ride - only at that point can I check the badges and find out that I have already done it (maybe ages ago) and have to re-start, which can take a few minutes; a real waste of time.


Second this. Also challenge progress should be visible in the companion app. Or


I’ma little surprised by how limited the functionality of is actually. Look at the user control panel of The Sufferfest, as an example for comparison of how good a profile page can be.


I created a spreadsheet to track my badges. I hate having to start the ride, check my badges, then terminate and start over if I have selected a previously achieved badge.


Yep, me too. And I tick them off when done. Bit of a switchback to the '90s…


I’m all for a “central” point for checking and registering for everything. It seems like you can get to some things from the web site, others from the actual app, and yet others from the companion app. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get to all settings, challenges, accomplishments, etc… from just one spot instead of having to poke around here and there to find information.

It would also be AWESOME if under the challenge, you could actually see what rides counted tword your total, and if monthly challenges actually counted the whole month rather than just from the time you register.

Just my 2Cents.



All of these issues could be solved by simply addressing the fact that the software has to close at the end of a ride. If the home screen, pairing, menus, badges etc. were all available outside rides (i.e. before you hit the “Ride” button) that would do it.

You could also go back and check after saving your ride if it didn’t have to close.

Alternatively, leaving the “close at the end of a ride” thing could be left as is, if the “Menu” button could be accessed from the world picking screen before hitting “Ride”.


Looking forward to this feature, please add the badges to the companion app or the web profile.


Yes please add this to the web profile and companion app


And access to the garage from the app


Seems clumsy having to start a ride to swap bikes or check which routes you’re yet to complete. How about being able to do that from the companion app?


Couldn’t agree more! I don’t really use it as it’s such a faff.

Use a sheet and a pen like in the old days :wink: