Web-Based Method to View Achievement

Recommend adding web-based functionality to view achievements and other aspects of the user account that are currently only available in game. Thanks!!

Make sure you vote up the existing request for this (also for adding it to the ZCA): List of achieved badges should be available in the companion app or My Zwift


I’d definitely like this in my.zwift.com, and the Companion app. Certain aspects of the UI are a bit clunky, e.g.

  • log into the game
  • check which routes I haven’t done
  • exit the game
  • start it up again
  • pick a route

However, we know there’s a UI update in the works, and in response to my feature request for better route UI Shuji said it’s actively being worked on.

That might mean just within the game, but there are several requests for things like the Garage to be part of the Companion app or my.zwift.com, so it’s possible they’re working on those things too.

We can but hope. :smiley: