Route Badges - Viewing

Why do I have to start a ride to then be able to view which route badges I have/need? I will then need to quit the ride and restart if I had selected a route I’d already completed.
It would be handy to have this in my Zwift profile and companion app as well as the application.

I was just thinking this the last few days.

I would add:

  1. Displaying Current tour completed stages
  2. Challenges progress
  3. Garage access also, before getting into the ride

this could be a new tab in the companion app


I have been wondering about this for YEARS. What kind of system is there for you to get badges but NOT actually track or view them on your main profile page?

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I think the idea is that you look at your badges while warming up or cool down, at least that is the time that I look at those things.

But it will be nice if you could do it from the first page.

I just emailed zwift with the same request. They said it would be passed on to the dev team. This would be so nice.

It would easy if when you select a route, those which you need to tick off to collect the badge where highlighted in some way. Maybe with a tick, dot or highlighted. Simple and would help us all looking to complete all the ride / run routes


Yes! This!

Seeing badges in the companion app under your profile would be awesome. This would make it easier to plan your rides with friends or just check what route you want to do next.


I’ve created a spreadsheet in the meantime :rofl:

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zwifthub . com

No need to create spreadsheets. :wink:

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Or this one.

And if you prefer a printable copy.

Why not start off with a extremely simple feature and show a simple mark on the routes completed in the route selection menu. Come on devops guys, get your scrum master to work and make this simple feature a sprint.


No, no, it’s totally logical now - you select a world and a route, you load that, and then you see which one you should have chosen. You then close the app and start it all over to change the world/route.

Makes total sense. :crazy_face:


Some people like to complete new routes to get extra XP. But tracking badges and picking routes is so annoying. People are forced to use 3rd party websites or print routes and tick them off manually.
First to check badges you must enter to world to find out which one is completed then back to menu and pick route. Before you had to close game completely. Now you can back to menu. But still that don’t make any sense.

My idea is just to add Badge icon in routes menu. There is a lot space on right side of the route name.
If route is not completed badge might be grey. If you complete route it might have full colour.
Tracking badges should be allowed in companion app as well.
This is most expensive virtual training platform, it’s a shame that UI is so bad.
Don’t understand why there is no access to options or badges before you enter into game world.


I had a chat with the help agent last evening. I have a suggestion for the game developers regarding the route challenge award badges. If you do any badge riding you have found how cumbersome it is to check which challenges you have completed and which remain. My suggestion is if it’s possible for the game developers to put a little badge by the completed rides in the route choice menu at the start of the game. This would eliminate the necessity of starting a ride, clicking the menu button, navigating to the badges area, reviewing the list of ride challenges then going back to game start and hope you remember which route you want to select to complete a challenge ride. I believe anything they can do to make the software use simpler will also make the overall experience more enjoyable and we all know we would rather do things we enjoy. So please Zwift development team, do your best to make this happen


Great question. I also emailed them about it. I wonder if it would be possible to add a small icon on the ‘Select your route page’ that simply states the number of times the route has been completed. No number or 0 means it hasn’t been completed yet… Additionally it would be interesting to see at the route selection page how many times we have completed each route

Why can there not be a “tick” or “completed star” on the route selector that shows where you have already completed that route? Simple solution at the point where you need to use it (alongside full lead in time added to route distance please)

Yes, this would be very useful. I voted it up.

If you are trying to build XP, or capture more badges, or just try something new, there is no way to see which routes you’ve ridden in the Route selector.

As a workaround, you have to go look at your badges, mentally take a snapshot of what is missing in a given World, than go back to route selection while hopefully not forgetting, and choose a route you have not ridden. For those of us without a photographic memory, this is actually pretty hard , especially if it’s a bigger world like Watopia or France.

There is a related feature request to this which is to be able to see completed route badges in Companion - that would also help in ride planning and route selection.

Access to those tabs , only once a ride is active is so dumb.
When I start Zwift, I want to see whats what first. Then decide what ride to do.

Also , ! How to sort out challenges, set gaols, and I still have no clue what a mission is !

Zwift is laid out so badly, It needs some attention.

latest version does this now