Select route from badge screen

Dudes, you have empty badges right there. Please let us click on an empty badge, select “Ride this route now”, and take us to the start position. This is such a no-brainer, I can’t believe it wasn’t part of the initial rollout. Thanks!

I think the idea with the badges is to help users understand zwift and how to find routes.

But a little star in the route selector can help to identify what we still need to ride.


+1 from my side.

Would be good to access Badges from the Companion App as well as the functionality above. This way you can select easily from the home screen.


+1 from my side as well

I like it as well.

No-brainer as you say. I’ve added a similar request from a different angle.


I mean, I’d even settle with just being able to see the available badges from the companion app.

Also, am I the only one who things it’s super strange that you have to start a ride in order to see the badge list? Why can’t I see that list first, and then choose where to ride? Then switching maps means I have to CLOSE my application and restart? I love this program but there are some very, very odd things about it.


Absolutely that makes sense. I don’t think real world user journeys are always considered when adding features. This is the sort of thing that should come out of a bit of UX workflow work before it even gets to actual development.

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No Tyler, you are NOT the only one! This is so frustrating that I’ve taken to printing out all the routes and started doing it manually… paper in 2020??? Come on Zwift this should be an easy one. PUT IT IN THE ROUTES Screen/menu and YES let us simply select the one we select…

TO put more a fine point on it, YOU ALREADY HAVE “COMPLETE THIS ROUTE” popup when you hover over the Badge/route… just connect the “select” command to it already.

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Yes, this would be the way the go I think. Just a visual mark to see which routes you have completed en which still on your todo list.

Before you enter the game/choose a world

Not sure what you are trying to say Daren, I start the app, can choose a world, can choose a route… still in the list of routes no visual clues of what rides you have done and what not.

I’m saying you should be able to see whether you’ve completed them before you get into the game. At present, you can’t do that. i.e. the same thing you’re saying I think.

I mocked it up a while ago in another thread.

At the time not every route had a badge, so the grey ones were routes with badges not attained. Then the coloured ones would be where a badge has been done.

This was the other thread: but it looks like someone has deleted it.


This would be a great solution, to knowing which routes you still need to complete.

Totally agree on this one, I actually made almost the same mock-up! Still amazed that Zwift have not implemented this already, as it seems fairly simple to do so. But hey, people are only asking for this for like… two years?

+1 a million time.
And also from compagnon as I do not get why we can not select a circuit or a training from it

1+ vote from me.
All they need to do is allow to view badges before you pick the route. Or even better, as Daren suggested. The route contains a badge against it.
Can we get more upvotes and shares on this one?

Hopefully this gets their attention.

I agree 100% this is so annoying

This issue annoys me so much. Then throw in an update and I waste up to 15-20 minutes of my workout time trying to Identify a badge to work on.