Route selection menu should show badges [SOLVED]

(Repost to actually put this in the right place)

The route selection screen should show which routes have badges on and which have been ridden.

In this mockup, a greyed out icon shows a route that has a badge that hasn’t been achieved yet, while the coloured icon shows routes where the badge has been awarded.

See also this other feature request for a similar thing via a different mechanism.

This request is actively being worked on. Thanks for the suggestion, and all y’alls input, because this is a really good idea.


Hi, whilst this feature is being worked on can you also add a positive confirmation when you start the route or a tracker showing distance along it. I rode Achterbahn today and didn’t get the badge. For some reason it took me around the course backwards. I’ve had the same issue in the past with the volcano circuit.


The Acherbahn route does take you ‘backward’ around the route at the start, then you ride it forward after that. It is, effectively, a figure 8 course.

I understand but I was taken backward on the backward route so first climb ended up being forward KOM, second climb backward KOM.

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This was being worked on in Nov 2019?

It’s Jan 2021 now and I don’t see any visual indication of route completion in the route selection screen.


Great plan!

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Not overly actively, so it appears.

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I would like to entertain the idea of an upgrade that allowed one to see which routes/badges that are completed from the route page. I am trying to do all the routes, but I have to start a ride >open badges > determine which routes I have not done > exit ride > then enter back in to select desired route to complete badge. I of course can just write down all the routes completed, and just cross them off once done. However, this is a feedback post.

In the same vein as badges, what’s with the lead-in?! The routes have a distance and i would complete the distance to meet the route requirement but I wouldn’t get the badge! It took me a read on zwiftinsider to learn that these routes have a lead-in that is not included in the route distance to earn the badge. Is it possible to have that included in the route distance/description somehow? When riding for a badge, I have to go to zwiftinsider to see what the lead-in is. I do this because it helps me determine about how long it will take to complete.

Thank you!

Hi @Eric_Stevenson, welcome to the forums.

The blue line on the route selection screen indicates the lead-in. Spawn points are somewhat random, so kind of hard to include in the overall distance since they can vary slightly. Think about lead-ins like your favorite route near where you live with a Strava segment, you have to ride to the beginning of the segment for it to start, they don’t start in your driveway.

Almost all routes will begin and end at one of the banners or arches over the road (i.e. downtown Watopia, arch inside the volcano, rock arch in the desert at the end of the sprint segment).

Now the ZwiftHub is shutting down, this is a must have feature to be implemented in Zwift.
I used ZwiftHub to filter by route distance and current worlds. I would select a new one if I hadn’t done it before (ZwiftHub lets you mark off your badges). It was also nice to see lead in.

I agree with the original poster. Show the badges obtained for the route and place the rider at the beginning of the route (remove the lead-ins or add them to the total distance). It was not helpful seeing that a course was x miles long and then only realize there was a huge lead-in.

Distance remaining for the route in the HUD would be nice as well.


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Please update your game app to v 1.14.0.