Badges from main menu

I would like to entertain the idea of an upgrade that allowed one to see which routes/badges that are completed from the route page. I am trying to do all the routes, but I have to start a ride >open badges > determine which routes I have not done > exit ride > then enter back in to select desired route to complete badge. I of course can just write down all the routes completed, and just cross them off once done. However, this is a feedback post.

In the same vein as badges, what’s with the lead-in?! The routes have a distance and i would complete the distance to meet the route requirement but I wouldn’t get the badge! It took me a read on zwiftinsider to learn that these routes have a lead-in that is not included in the route distance to earn the badge. Is it possible to have that included in the route distance/description somehow? When riding for a badge, I have to go to zwiftinsider to see what the lead-in is. I do this because it helps me determine about how long it will take to complete.

Thank you!

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Please search the forums and vote up the existing Feature Request for this.