Route Badge improvement

Why do Zwift not show what route badges you have achieved at the route selection screen for each world? This would make things much easier when trying to select a route to gain a badge. Currently I am starting a ride pausing to go into achievements to look for a route then ending the ride, choosing the new route and starting the ride. This is a very clunky way of doing it. Is there an easier way? Surely Zwift could add a route badge you have achieved to the route selection screen.

This has been requested numerous times as well as putting the badges in the ZCA and on the website.

Just track your badges with or print the list from zwiftinsider

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I made a list and crossed the routes off as I completed them.
Low tech pen and paper got the job done but I agree, I wish this info was more easily viewed at the start up page.

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Probably because there have been lots of other similar threads asking for the same thing.

I think this is the canonical thread: