Route selection menu should show badges

(Repost to actually put this in the right place)

The route selection screen should show which routes have badges on and which have been ridden.

In this mockup, a greyed out icon shows a route that has a badge that hasn’t been achieved yet, while the coloured icon shows routes where the badge has been awarded.

See also this other feature request for a similar thing via a different mechanism.

This request is actively being worked on. Thanks for the suggestion, and all y’alls input, because this is a really good idea.


Hi, whilst this feature is being worked on can you also add a positive confirmation when you start the route or a tracker showing distance along it. I rode Achterbahn today and didn’t get the badge. For some reason it took me around the course backwards. I’ve had the same issue in the past with the volcano circuit.

The Acherbahn route does take you ‘backward’ around the route at the start, then you ride it forward after that. It is, effectively, a figure 8 course.

I understand but I was taken backward on the backward route so first climb ended up being forward KOM, second climb backward KOM.

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