Badges and routes

I think it would be awesome to have the completion badge when you are selecting what route to go. It would allow you to see what routs you have already completed and, more importantly, the ones that you haven’t. So many times I did some route just because I wanted the badge, only to find you that I had already. :frowning:

Paulo, has an online badge accomplishment log you can keep. If you search at Reddit/zwift several people have google spreadsheets they offer for use and finally has a hard copy list of the route badges.

It’s a great idea however you wil have finished all the routes before anything is changed so best go with the above suggestion imo.

My suggestion is to simplify, why would I want to have multiple windows opened, just to check whether or not I already have done that route?
A simple icon next to each route would be super simple and clear to see.

I find extremely annoying:

  • having to open the zwift app (apple tv but I am sure it is the same on every other platform)
  • star a session, so I Can see my badges,
  • cancel the session,
  • delete the session (I dont want that going to strava)
  • start a new one, so I can finally do my workout.

It is not that Zwift doesnt have the data already, it is just a matter of displaying the badge on each route, during workout selection.

Anyway, I have found in this forums, after reading dozens of threads, that Zwift think it is easier to find workarounds that actually doing proper work. Please dont take me wrong, but the responses I saw were “dodgy” to say the least.

Is there a feature roadmap that we users could see, see what are you guys working on?

thank again


when you finish you finish, simple as that. but until then there still hundreds of miles of routes to complete.

I am level 15 and I have might finished about 1/3, and sometimes I want to do a “bagde ride” and I end up picking a route I have done already. very frustrating.

Your suggestion is the same as many others before you.

Every comment/post you have read is probably from a zwift user not a zwift employee. We have all had similar issues to you and we are suggesting ways to not get frustrated (the things we do to not be frustrated). Zwift employees are unlikely to comment on this topic because, well, they haven’t in the past.

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hey Ben,

I am ok, I understand that, I am a customer manager myself and I know that the asks are not always pertinent or relevant. thats fine.

I understand that there is some much to be done, and I am sure the developers are super busy with other stuff. That said, I think that more visibility could help, roadmaps would let users understand where the software is going. I know not everyone care but it would be nice.

Even nicer to know that requests are just not left hanging. For example, request from 2015 are still without answers. Be open and just say that this feature will not be included on the roadmap anytime soon. At least give people closure, it is much better than leave people waiting. I know we cannot be open about every aspect of the software, but treating users with respect and like intelligent people should be one of the core values of a support team receiving features requests.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant, it is; because the way the first reply was given to me (deleted later) or the way to point to workarounds without taking responsibility to why they have to exist in the first place.

Still, Zwift is a great platform and has lots of potential. Thank you again.

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The thing with zwift is, once they release a feature and decide its good enough no amount of feedback with change their mind. Sadly their good enough threshold is very low. Until they see the light or someone comes along and does it better you are going to have to get used to it. You would think after 6 years I would have a little loyalty towards them. I have zero.

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thank you for sharing your experience Lukas.

I am not expecting that they do everything people ask, this is an unreasonable request, I understand software development and the decisions that developers have to make in order to meet goals (usually set by marketing, commercial, CEO, etc.), still I am ok.

But it is my obligation, as a user, to use the official channels and voice my wishes, to share the things I would love to see on the platform. Look that I am talking about wishes, I cannot fell upset if they dont implement; I have read some “crazy” features request here. :stuck_out_tongue:

What care is that the administrators for this forum/support area are cordial, understanding and honest about things. I understand how frustrating it is sometimes but this is the live of customer service, you cannot just be rude because you are tired of answering the same question over and over. If so you should prepare proper answer to refer users with the same question, like a wiki, so you dont have to fell upset again. They should be proactive instead of reactive.

I dont know how many people work as product support but they should not be rude. I wonder what would happen if they were to set a customer satisfaction survey after each question/post. LOL

Being there done that. :slight_smile:

Assuming that Ben Brawn works for Zwift, I can say that he at least took the time to show empathy, but no concrete answer on Zwift’s part. .

No, Ben is just a Zwifter like you and I. There are only a few Zwift staff that seem to answer anyone on the formus and they will be easily identifiable usually with “Zwift staff” in their screen name.


good for him and sad for the staff.

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