Route achievement indicator

In the UI when selecting a route provide an indication of whether the route achievement has already been accomplished or not, making it easier to select routes required to complete accomplishments.

I’m new to Zwift, literally 1 month and also find this annoying, more than a year later I see this request was ignored. I basically have to keep separate mental notes of what has been achieved already.

I wrote all the ones I hadn’t done yet on a piece of paper. I now cross them off when I complete them but it would be nice to be able to see them without entering the game. On a side note, I could have sworn that I had completed a couple of routes and received the badges, but some time later they reset and I had to do them over again. I can’t be sure though.


Well that is exactly what brought me to the forum tonight, I was searching for topics of route achievements where no badge was awarded & I stumbled upon this thread.

If you had been awarded the badge and it was taken away then we are talking about the same mystery. Another problem lots of people encounter at least once could be not taking into account the lead-in distance (shown as a blue line when choosing a route on the map with the white line representing the route itself) when trying to complete a route.


My issue is I completed the route but did not get the Achievement Badge. Three Sisters is only 48km, I rode a total of 56kms, even Strava Confirms I completed the route.

After a year it has 17 votes. It’s not a big issue. You can open the game and see a list of route achivement badges if you want to know which ones you are yet to do.

It could be that you didn’t go far enough due to the lead-in. Sometimes people will accidentally hit the u-turn button and then correct themselves which could affect getting the badge as well.

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FWIW there is a route tracker that uses strava segments to show you in a grid what you’ve completed.

It’s a 3rd party band-aid though, an indicator of done-or-not in the route selection is the obvious UI preference.


I check this out last night and seems like you need to pay for it? or did not explore properly?

I suspect this is what happened, I hit U turn by accident, I immediately turned around back on the route. Funny part the Zwift Insider Verified Strava Segment recognizes that I completed the route yet the game seems to be sensitive to that slight deviation.


the worst is when you are playing with camera angles and using the arrows on the keyboard to move the camera around, then inadvertently turn left or right at an intersection :sob: