Completed Route but Achievement Never Showed

Working on getting badges for all the routes. Yesterday I completed Muir and the Mountain route but the achievement never appeared.

I went several miles past the end of the route until I started climbing the same section I had at the beginning before giving up.

Is there some bug in route achievements not working again?

Very occasionally people think they didn’t get the badge because they already have it from ages ago. However, reading your description and looking at the route I suspect t you didn’t go all the way to the top of the kom again and finished too early.
Before or during any route attempt look up the total distance (including lead in) either on zwiftinsider or zwifthacks.

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Hmmm thanks for the info … you are right I stopped riding after I crossed the beginning of the Titans Grove reverse KOM - because I was well passed the mileage and I had ALREADY ridden it AND i had to get back to work at some point lol. Guess I gotta do it all over again and go up to the top a second time. Strange route. Really wish Zwift would just list the actual mileage required to complete the route instead of it separate without the leadin. Wold be a lot more convenient from a scheduling perspective.

Hi I have done the out and back again twice and both times i got the badge but the achievements didn’t show as done.can anyone help

Generally this happens if you are still logged in to zwift (or zwift is open) somewhere. So if you have the app on multiple devices, even if you aren’t logged in to them, turn the devices on, log out and force close the app (double press and swipe up on iOS etc) and maybe even restart the device for good measure.

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Ok will try again later thanks

We just finished a Meetup based on this route and the finish line was apparently before Titan’s Grove KOM … which we had already climbed at the beginning of the route … so after riding for 1:20, we crossed the Meetup finish line assuming that it was the end of the route… apparently not. Silly us! Absolutely ridiculous. Of course we would have kept riding to get our Achievement since the Meetup was specifically scheduled on that route! Really, Zwift?

Bummer. Yah still don’t understand why Zwift doesn’t just list the actual mileage. We have Zwift insider and the lines on the map etc, but just doesn’t make any sense. List the mileage of the entire route. What is the point of a leadin?

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