Route achievement / badges not working

Hi, twice in the last week I have not achieved a route completion - Volcano Circuit CCW and The Highline. Between those I did get an achievment for Bigger Loop. Any ideas what is going on? I definitely did both routes (as separate rides having selected them at log-in) and completed more than the required distance. Frustrating as I am doing the route challenge (all 67 routes).

A lot of routes have long lead-ins.
Don’t go for the “distance”, just ride till you get the badge.

As I have nearly all route badges (except for the 5 hardest), I can tell that all route badges work correctly.


Thanks for that advice Ben. Is there any way of telling when the actual route starts and finishes? Good luck on finishing the 5 longest routes! By the way - do you know if it’s possible to do those routes (or any route I guess) across multiple days i.e. can you just stop and leave yourself and the side of the road (without exiting) and continue the next day? Cheers mate

Search at for the route that you want to do.
For example:

Yes, you can take breaks:

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This site may also be helpful. It shows the basic route distance plus the additional lead in distance. You’ll need to do the total of both in order to get the route completed badge. You can also use this to track which routes you complete.

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I’m also having issues. I’ve been riding different routes and I make sure I complete the route till I see the badge in the end with the blue message saying I completed the route, I even see the badge icon. Then to make sure I get the badge, I keep riding a few extra km and still I don’t see the badge when I check the achievements later.

You did the „Out and back again“ route, but you stopped to early. Start and finish of routes are always at some sort of arch/banner. In this case you have had to go to the stone arch just 1km further down the road.
Distance to ride = route length + lead-in
42,2km = 39,8km + 2,4km

I’ve noticed on the 4 new routes in Watopia, released in the December 2020 update, that you start/spawn after the downtown banner. Essentially on the wrong side. However, I received all the route badges after passing under the banner the first time.

This is not the norm, but they are being awarded.

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Thanks Jurgen, yes, yesterday I knew I stopped earlier, I will try it again next time.

Hi Jurgen,
I recently completed two routes, Volcano Climb and Volcano Flat and saw the complete route and the badge icon on both at the end.
To make sure I really get the achievement badge, I kept going. For the Volcano Climb I rode a total of 30Km and on the Volcano flat I rode 30km also, basically two laps and half. Still, I go to my achievements and don’t see the badge in there.
Not sure what is going on

Any chance you are logged in on another device?

If no, try to contact support. In the past they always answered with something like “not possible because of technical limitations”, but perhaps there are any news?

Ride on!

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Yes, on my cell phone which I companion. That would suck if that is the case

The companion app is not the problem, but the Zwift app installed (and running in the background) on the second device.

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The badge is awarded but not the strata segment, both the beach and bridges new routes with zero leading require a second lap to get the segment logged.

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That is the response I got when I was awarded the badge for the fullPRL in game ( plus xp)which were shown in the activities go. then found the next day that it had not “stuck”

sorry we can’t add due to “technical limitations” was the reply I got from support.

With all the $money Zwift are receiving, perhaps a few of these technical limitations should be ironed out before more bells and whilst are added?

ok, yeah…I use Zwift on my MAC, but I had Zwift logged in to my cell phone also. I wasn’t using it and app was always closed but apparently still an issue having one account logged into multiple devices even if one of them is closed. I switched the account on my cell phone (as there is no log-off option) to make sure only my MAC had my account logged in and it worked.