Badge for Muir and the Mountain course

It appears that this route is the only course that doesn’t award a badge for completion. Shouldn’t it be included in the badge section?

There are quite a few routes that are not included in the Badges (Fuego Flats being one, but there are others).

I don’t understand… there’s the badge fill in blank for this route, but yesterday I completed it but got no badge…

Is this some kind of bug?

Can you post a screenshot of the route you took and/or a link to the Strava activity.

Most of the time when something like this happens it is due to not riding far enough or making manual turns.

Hey Paul,

Thankx for the quick reply!

Here’s the route:

I’m pretty sure I haven’t made any manual turns, but I did the “Bonus climb” up there, I’m not sure if that was the issue…

I’m also pretty sure I made the whole course, since I finished after the turn to Titan’s Grove…

You did not go far enough, the route start at the Titans groove KOM. there is a 5.2km lead in.

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I don’t understand… the route is supposed to have 33,9km right? I rode 34,4… when I realized I already was riding in the same spot where I started and checked the KM, I thought it was done…

When you select a route in Zwift look at the map and you will see a blue section of road that is the Lead-in. So you have to do the Lead-in first and then the Loop will start.

The Route start at the Orange Arrow.

The Picture above is not the whole route, the animation was stopped to show the blue line.

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The route ENDS at the top of the Titan’s Grove peak. Yes, you will cover a few km of road twice. This is not the only route like this: Lutscher in Innsbruck has an even longer lead-in

@Luis_Sequeira Also remember that the first time you complete a route, you’ll see an achievement banner on your screen right after the end of the route confirming that you’ve actually completed the route—in other words (unless some rare glitch is occurring), if you haven’t yet seen the achievement banner while riding, you haven’t yet completed the route, and you should keep going.

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Thanks all!

I completed it today and with two gifts: a KOM 1st place shirt and the Trek Emonda frame!

Also finished the Everest challenge, so it’s only 40.000m to climb until I get the Tron! :grin:

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Ive done this twice. The first time I did indeed not go far enough because the lead in is not added to the advertised milage (slightly annoying/misleading).
Any way, I did it a second time. I made sure the “achievement unlocked” graphic appeared. It also says I did it on my activity feed. However, no achivment badge in the menu…

Any chance you were/are logged in on two devices? Any chance you use a system (e.g. Apple TV) where you have the option of save+exit OR a more thorough save+exit+swipe the app completely gone? You should do the latter, if so. Zwift have consistently said that they can not put achievement badges into an account after the fact, so if there is no simple solution, you might be out of luck :grimacing:

I do use apple tv. And I may have been logged in on my android phone.
Its odd that the achievement badge is able to upload to zwift companion, but not zwift.
Also it is pretty poor that zwift are unable to put the badge in manually after the event. I wouldn’t have thought that was beyond your abilities at all.

…your abilities

Just as an FYI, I’m not Zwift staff. That said, make sure that you’re only ever logged in to one device at a time (in-game; having the game open on one device like the ATV and the companion app open on another like a phone is fine and good); then, make sure that you always save or trash + exit + swipe the app away (double tap the home button on the remote + swipe up) on the ATV after each and every ride. This seems to solve many a tech frustration. Sorry about the lost badge :frowning_face:

It’s not that they can’t do it; they just won’t.

Imagine 1000 people every day requesting to add badges, and zwift have to check every one to see if they completed the loop or have internet issues.

We see here on the forum that 90% of the time it is a user error.

I think you have an overly broad definition of user error, Gerrie. Those who have actually seen the congratulations banner pop up really are entitled to the badge.

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I don’t think that those are the users that Gerrie is referring to.

I don’t think you can get to 90% without counting them.