No badge for ride

Hi All,
I just completed the “big foot hills” loop but didn’t receive the awards badge, I didn’t even get any acknowledgement of starting or completing it but my ride shows it.
TIA Chris

It starts and ends at the stone arch in the fuego flats.

Hi Ben, I specifically remember passing it thinking that it would be the finish

Did you select it from the Routes menu when you entered the game? You don’t get credit for just riding it manually.

From your Strava ride, it seems you didn’t start or finish in the right place according to the “Big Foot Hills (Zwift Insider verified)” segment. You haven’t been credited with that one on Strava either.


Hi Daren,
Yes I did select it, this was the first time that I’ve ever selected a route before and I’ve been awarded badges for other routes in the past without selecting them. Maybe I’ll try again.
Thanks Chris

Same thing happened to me tonight when I rode The Highline. I went significantly past the place I started, a couple miles more than the 6.5 miles posted for the ride.

The Highline has a massive lead in, which you can see on route select. There will be two colors on the line, white and blue. the Blue segment is the lead in, when the white line starts, that’s the actual route. This will apply to all routes. Some have no lead ins and start with a white line right from the starting point. others have short leadins, like most of the Fuego Flats routes, and a few others have long lead ins like the Highline.

I hope this info helps with your Badge hunt, post some where in the forums when you get them all!


There you can clearly see, that you didn’t ride far enough.
If you’ve gone to the stone arch, the badge would be yours.
But a good excuse to ride the route again someday :slight_smile:

If you’re badge hunting, here’s rule Nr1:
Always ride till you get the badge. Don’t stop before that.

A route never starts at you spawn point. It always starts at a Arch, and in most cases you have to get back to that Arch.

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Zwift should place you at the correct start point in order to complete a designated route. You should not need to be avid forum reader to know that you are required to loop back past start arches etc to fully record the route, and hence qualify for the badge.

Come on Zwift team, please sort this out as there are many complaints of rides not being recorded, this is not acceptable especially on the longer routes.


Sorry Ben, I’m new to this so could be missing something. I’m not sure what you mean by saying that you can cleary see that I didn’t ride far enough. If you zoom in on my ride you can see that I did more than a full loop.
Once again, sorry if I’m missing your point.

Thanks, I’ve just looked at the route again and can see exactly what you mean, I wasn’t aware of that so thank you

You did not, cause the start point was the stone arch.
Everyting else was just “getting from your house to the street” or sth, it’s called the Lead-in.

You can see the Lead-in of every route, when you select it. Theres a blue line for the Lead-in.

Thanks Ben, I wasn’t aware of lead ins, I just thought that where you were placed would be the start of the route, I’ve now seen it when having another look at the loop. Just gutted as it’s one of the longest routes to try again :joy:
Thanks for your help

Thanks. I agree with others here that things could be more clear. I’ve been around a year and this is the first I heard of lead ins on routes. It seems unnecessarily complicated to me. I will look for the blue and white lines. Grateful for the wisdom.

So…what about routes done years ago selected less in etc? I’m thinking/hoping once all files are in the same place at zwift central server they’ll pop up?

This entire thread is ridiculous, Zwift coordinates professional rides to be accurate without “lead-ins” and now there’s blue and white lines to watch out for? Why not just factor that into the ride for your customers ahead of time. Lead ins, what the heck is that. I’ve gone 4 miles past the posted route w/o “Ride Completed”. Again, ridiculous, get it together Zwift!

Welcome to Zwift, Pete!