The Highline Route - NOT awarding a badge

Hi all,

Another bug with a Route. The route The Highline does not work.

See image of Zwift’s Route below:

Below is my ride. I gave up after 13km.

It’s all good and well to have many badges when one completes a route but some routes simply do not recognize the achievement.

Come on Zwift… what is going on???

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I did Highline on Saturday and got the achievement.

It’s not a bug.

Routes generally don’t begin until you pass beneath a starting arch, which in this case is the KOM arch. Everything before that is just lead-in, in this case about 5km. Add that to the 11km course length, and you needed to complete 16km to get the badge when you passed beneath the forward KOM arch a second time. You gave up 3km too early, when you passed where the lead-in began.

At least it’s a fairly short course, and NY is back on the calendar Tue & Wed.

If you look at the image of the map you posted you will see that some of the path is blue, and some is white. The blue portion in the ‘lead in’ and is not actually a part of the actual route, or route distance. As was mentioned in the other post, routes will begin and end at an arch of some sort. So, once you pass the starting arch for this route you will then have to go the prescribed 10.5 km from that point, and you will then pass an arch at the end of the route.

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for the responses. I tried again today to complete The HighLine Route. This time I had success.

See my image below:

I just don’t understand why The Highline route indicates a distance of 10.5km when in fact one needs to ride 15.6km (an increase of nearly 50%!!) and 73% MORE in elevation gain ).

This is just ridiculous.

Zwift need to change the statistics of the route.


No badge after my ride. Stayed on route (no exploring). It was my first ride via Zwift app on the new Apple TV. Related?

Also, my trainer’s resistance seemed higher than usual. My Zwift settings are the same. Is it because the road is glass?

And where are my pizza slices!!! Nonesies for this ride.

Hi @Jessica_Hargrove

Looking at the ride animation and the animation on the website, It look like you did the route in a different direction on the second KOM.

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Thanks for investigating. I see what you mean. How is it possible to change course other than selecting the navigation popups? Running the route via Apple TV app makes it impossible to navigate (no touch screen or mouse click). I just kept pedalling.

I did the Highline on 28th Jan. and got the badge when i rode through the KOM Arch the second time. It starts and ends at the KOM Arch, so you have to climb that first climb as Lead-in.

Ignore the 26.4km, I only rode further cause I had some time for the next event.

@Ian_Lyons1 Zwift list the distance of the lap, so if you do multiple laps you know what to expect. On some routes there is a lead in, that is indicated on the map with a blue line when you select the route in game.

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For multiple laps it is accurate after you did the lead in most lead-in’s are short.

Try this


I just did it. Had to do the lead in + 2 rounds. Total of 28k+.
Guess my spawn was totally off…


Wow @Martin_Johansen_vEVE

that is strange, looking at your ride it seem like you started in the wrong direction? did you make a manual U-turn when you started?

that route should be ±16km


I have ridden the route 4 times and never got the badge. If I compare the route that I followed (no deviations) it’s quite different that the route in the mini-view when selecting rides than the route that followed when staring the ride. Different ride start point fo one thing. Here’s the ride that I did after selecting The Highline

Same thing whether started from initial ride screen or as a Meetup.

Let’s face the facts: Zwift really doesn’t care about you if you’re not racing. Except to collect your monthly $$$.

In the RTR scheme of things, Ride-Train-Race, Zwift has clearly left riders-ONLY behind, especially senior riders.

Women’s Only events but none for over 60 or 70.

No mature men’s hair styles like gray hair color for the shaved head.

We don’t obsess over our Strava stats and, thus, the badges are our only measure of accomplishment.


I just done 33km and still no badge. Gave up.

Hi @Dan_Neesley

Did you do this ride as part of a meetup or group ride. There has been reports of a issue when doing meetups in NYC.

Can you give us more information about your setup and zwift version.

EDIT: Look like you did it as a meetup. You can try it as a free ride.

I have done as ride from the ride screen three additional times

The ride selector pointing to the wrong darn route!!!
Whether it’s a Meetup selection or from here:

I just did a test, I chose the Highline from the menu, spawned on the glass roads and rode to the bottom of the KOM, a little over 2 miles, without issue.

Comparing this to your screen shot, clearly you were not put on the correct route. However, I was. I’m using Windows 10, latest update.


Since Zwift refuses to acknowledge that the The Highline route is messed-up, and I’d like to get the badge… (see other posts)

Can anyone help with free ride directions/turn and starting point?

Please don’t suggest that I just select the ride from:

That doesn’t work for me and many, many others.

You can’t get the badge if you don’t select the route.


Same here (minus the ride). Mac, latest version. Looks like the lead-in on the route description map is wrong as the blue line starts on the ground level near the lap banner.