Badge not received for grand central circuit

Just completed the grand gcentral circuit and went past the arch by an extra km. No badge. Trying to knock out all route badges. Any info would be appreciated

Looking at your route on the companion app it does not appear your ride completed the correct route.

Per the route is 6.9km with a 1.6km lead-in (7.5km / 4.66 miles). Here is a screen shot from your ride and the route from Zwifthacks:

Can no one understand what’s happening.

I chose the route from the Ride screen. Press the Ride button and route that get’s done is the wrong route. I ride hands off so no wrong turns. Four times and a group Meetup. We started together and finished together. No one made manual turns.

This is the ride I rode AFTER selecting the Highline Route. Zwift taker me on the incorrect route. Four times.

It seems it’s just a broken link between the Route Selection and Route Selection when creating a Meetup, and the on-the-way routing.

Dunno where your Zwift Hacks screen shot is from, but this is what Zwift Hacks shows me:

@Dan_Neesley that’s because my response was to someone else and not you. They talked about the Grand Central route, not the Highline route

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  1. At least a couple of the NYC routes via MeetUp are broken in that they route you incorrectly. This might apply to some other routes in other worlds as well. Best is to do them via regular rides and not MeetUp.
  2. A few of the routes have lead-ins before the actual route begins. For example, The Highline route does not actually start until you cross the KOM finish line, meaning you will ride ~5km and climb the KOM before the route begins. The finish is when you cross the KOM line the second time.
  3. Make sure your Zwift and Companion app are both updated to the latest and greatest. Manually check. Do not depend on auto update.

Thanks Watson, not sure why my ride wouldn’t follow the route if that is what I selected from the home screen when I started my ride. Seems like a bug to me!

@Aaron_Miller_TFC some other users have reported issues with routes on iOS and AppleTV. Are you using either an iPhone/iPad or AppleTV?

I completed this one on my computer. I’m not sure why it would take me on a similar route when I selected the route in the menu. Buggy, I’ll have to hit it again. I wonder though, if I change my directions after selecting the route to take the correct one, will it award the badge? In my experience you kind of have to set it and then let the app direct your route.

Had the same problem with London Triple Loops today, I chose the course on a windows pc then completed the ride and received the badge at the end. This shows up on the companion app but not Showing as completed in the Zwift app under route achievements on my ipad.

After many said (on other posts) I was doing the ride incorrectly, I kept at it and got this response from Zwift on May 8. I am 76, level 23 and have been a Zwifter since Nov 2018.