Another Badge Question

So I figure why not tick off some badges. Last night I wanted to tick off the Everything Bagel route. It says it is 21.4mi. So I go for it and finally stop after 23.1 miles. I never saw the badge earned notification pop up but I had enough of riding at that point. So how is it possible to do 23.1 miles on a route that is 21.4 miles and not complete the route or get the badge? Thanks

Because some routes have a ride in and some can be longer than others.

Here is a link for you:

Click on the routes and you will get a description.

Uhmmm, still not clicking, I don’t understand. What’s also odd is that I did more miles than the route is, which doesn’t make sense (to me, since I assume a route is from point A to B, circular or not and a set distance) because I would assume that when you chose a route it would put you ‘on the route to start’ so you would never need to do more than the ‘route’. Unless as you say they tell you there is a lead in, but the description doesn’t say there is any lead in. What else is strange is strava tells me I did 1476’ but the route is 1722’. Just seems strange to me as I pick something I want to do, Everything Bagel in this case assuming I am going to do exactly 21.3 miles and 1722’ of climbing. If that’s not the case, how would I know how far I need to go and how many feet I am going to climb before I start? Just trying to understand?

Looking at the Strava route you posted, in comparison to the Zwift Insider ‘Everything Bagel’ route, it doesn’t look like you did this route at all. Your Strava map looks like all of the surface roads but none of the ‘sky’ roads. Maybe that’s just how it shows up on Strava, but I thought it was curious.

Yea its a bit odd, I don’t see the sky way sections either. As a comparison, I took a screen shot from the companion app.

Sooo, given all that info, I guess the question is, I thought I chose the Everything Bagel course but it appears that maybe it wasn’t the Everything Bagel course. So is there a way in My Zwift, or the Companion app to find out what course I actually chose? Everything just seems to say NYC, not something like NYC - Everything Bagel, or NYC - Astoria Line, etc… I guess its possible I somehow chose the wrong course, but thought I chose Everything Bagel.

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Seems like you did the Astoria Line 8 Route.
The Everything Bagel looks very different.

I got both badge for the routes (astoria and bagel) after the banner. totally normal as it should be.


Thanks, darn! :slight_smile: Still would be nice if a route was chosen, that route description came over to Strava instead of just NYC. Thanks

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I selected Anything Bagel and had the same problem. In my case I read somewhere that to get credit you need to do a u-turn, pedal for a bit and u-turn again. I think doing that messes up the routing because the exact same thing happened to me, only I put in 28 miles before giving up.

Although, looking at my Strava, perhaps not.

Odd, but life goes on, or Ride On! As for badges …

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Some of the courses must be screwed up. I didn’t get the badge for Surrey Hills until I’d ridden over 50 miles. Seems like the courses on Watopia are much more accurate than London or New York.

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Tried three times to get this one without success.

I just rode this route for two hours, thinking it should be done in one, and still not collected the achievement badge. I’m pissed! Chose this route for a group meet-up especially.

Hi @JimMag7

What route badge are you referring to?

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The Everything Bagel route achievement badge. Clearly rather than having the standard 200m lead in, I had a -5m lead in or something ridiculous.

Looking at your ride it does not look the everything bagel.

I’ve tried everything bagel 2 times. two different routes zwift gave me none got the achievement

There are known issues with routes in New York right now, Zwift is aware and working on the fix. This is especially the case with Meetups putting you on the wrong route, but has been reported outside of Meetups as well.

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I did the ‘Everything Bagel’ route yesterday as part of the ‘Tour For All’ event, received the badge as soon as I crossed the finish line. I’m sure that I’ve done it before, but maybe it was before the badges were rolled out.