Badges issue

Hi, on my last two rides I was hoping to get the badged for completing the rides.
However even though I exceeded the distance by someway I never saw the end or got the message ride complete and hence never earned the badges I wanted. For example was ride was 10.9 miles, I rode to 18 miles before stopping.
Any ideas …

What Route did you select and when did you attempt to ride it?


Thanks for the fast reply

Yesterdays route was Watopia – Tick Tok
10.5 miles with 173ft of climbing

I rode for 18.1 miles and completed 435ft of climbing

Todays ride was Innsbruck – Lutscher
8.5 miles with 1315ft of climbing

I rode for 11.1 miles with 1455ft of climbing

Neither ride had the end where you get the message that the ride is complete and that you have earned the badge.

I have completed Tik Tok before and was hoping to compare times.

Both rides were between 8am and 9.30 am GMT (I am a morning rider)

I hope that helps you. If there is any further information you need please ask.



You will not see a completion time for routes you have previously ridden. I use Strava to make comparisons.

The Lutscher route has a long lead-in. You will need to scale the mountain once to get to the banner which is actually the start, then again to the banner to complete the lap and get gredit. The lead-in for that route is 6.8 miles and 1,400 feet just to get to the start.

You can go to Zwifthub.Com to see the routes with the lead-ins.

If you have done it before, you’ll have the badge already - is this not the case?

I tried to find your activities in Zwift but I cant find you - can you provide a link to your ride on Zwift?

Also, if you want to do comparisons of for routes, Zwiftinsider has most routes and key segments define in Strava, so if for example you just did a few laps of Volcano CCW and decided to put in a big effort, Strava will compare that segment time to your others (limited to past 10 for non-paid version). Analytic tools for users arent a strength in Zwift hence you have to reply on 3rd party apps.

hi Lutscher has a 10km lead-in so the ride in total is nearly 25km and means you do the climb twice (the first time as part of the lead-in). I use metric as you get more XP using metric rather than imperial.

On the note about not getting badges I completed 2 routes and didn’t get the badges for them (despite getting the banners at the end of the routes). I ride using zwift on my mac and I had the zwift app (not the companion app) open at the same time on my phone (as i like to look at the routes, mileage etc at the same time) and believe this caused the issue. I now only have zwift open on 1 device (my mac) while riding and haven’t had a repeat of the issue. I put this to zwift support and got this response:
“I do not suggest running the app on multiple devices while riding. When you log in on several devices at the same time it can cause problems with rides and achievements saving correctly. This could be the exact reason why you are not saving badges you have received. If you’d like to use the companion app (ZC) while you ride, this will allow you to see and do things while riding without causing issues with saving achievements and rides.”

If you want to look at the routes and mileages as you ride, you could open up Veloviewer or Zwifthub, both will give you that information.

:grinning: yes nice one A_Beagle_on_a_Bike i should have mentioned that - i have been using zwifthub and found it very useful in tracking my badge progress. There are lots of really good resources out there!

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