Route badges not working

My route badges haven’t been working for a few days. Yesterday I didn’t get the flat Richmond badge and today I didn’t get the Sand and Sequoias badge. It’s kinda annoying because I am chasing Level 12 to ride the Alpe before a few big climbs this year and the only reason I am riding these courses is to get extra XPs.


Did I stop too soon? Did I need to go through the Fuego Flats arch again?

I’m learning that many rides have long “lead ins” and that’s really confusing. So yes, you probably stopped too soon. I’ve had similar experiences lately and there’s another thread on this from this week.

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@Federico_Cribiore on Sands and Sequoias you need to go through the stone arch 3 times to complete the route. 1st time is the official start of the route, you pass through it again and head to the roundabout, come out of that and end at the stone arch to complete the ride.

My bad, just realized I gave you the info for Tempus Fugit. For Sands and Sequoias the starts/ends at the stone arch that signifies the end of the sprint section. There is still a decent lead-in. Sorry for the confusion, apparently I didn’t get enough coffee that day and my brain was still asleep :slight_smile:


Thanks gents.

Hi guys, not sure if you are still reading this. Today I did the Big foot hills, 67.5kms and did not get the badge. I actually rode several kms more and to no avail. Is there anyway to get the badge or do I have to ride it again?


Hi Santiago,

Looking at your profile it look like you stopped just short of the stone arch, but the image is a bit small so it is hard to be 100% sure.

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I guess that ill try again tomorrow


That is the spirit. :+1: :muscle:


Hey there Gerrie. I had a very similar issue happen today. I organized a ride with a friend to do “out and back again”. I did the whole thing, especially because it had to mile tracker below my stats counting down. I ran over the finish line marker that was illuminated blue, a message popped up on my screen saying that my group had completed the route Out and Back Again, but I never got the achievement for it. Super strange. This always happens to me for both Volcano Circuits too. Help?

Was it under the stone arch at the end of the sprint section? Looks like you stopped a little short on the activity feed.

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Hi @Ryan_Devens2894

That blue bar was the end of the meetup not the end of the route. It look like you were only a few km short.


Dang. You guys might be right. Super strange that it I choose a route in meet ups that it doesn’t actually mark the actual route to the full extent.

Any idea why the volcano routes aren’t registering? I’ve definitely done multiple laps on the circuit and I’ve never been able to unlock those achievements

You need to pic the rout in the start menu for it to give you the badge.

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I rode the full greater London Route yesterday through the banner, saw the notice across the screen that I completed the route (achievement) and it shows the route completed in my Activity feed, yet no badge. This happens a lot. It is probably related to breif Internet drops, however, I waited to save the ride when I saw I had a connection and it saved even to Strava. Any idea how I can prevent this or re-submit for the badge?


Me too. Same route and no badge. I even did 40km to make sure it wasn’t a ‘long lead in’ issue. It could be a brief internet issue that trips it up. Although, i have conclusive proof that other routes are a proper glitch. The Six Train route shows in my companion app, for an activity but that route and drops vanished next session.

All this is highly annoying because the gamification is a motivational factor. When it doesn’t work you feel like, “why should I bother when it’ll probably just glitch”.

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Since posting this, I have been on a mission to complete all the routes. So far, I have yet to have a glitch once I figured out the lead ins.

It can be quite deceptive with the Lutscher being the most obvious candidate. But I get you guys are having a different issue.


I saw this today on the “whole lot of lava” route that I did as a meetup. We both completed the route and saw the achievement pop up at the bottom of the screen.

But looking at our route badges neither of us have it.

One of us was using Apple TV and the other was using a mobile device.

Previous meetups, before the latest update, seemed to have been fine.

I’ve been having same issue with other badges. I had my first race yesterday on the, Fearless Beginners Race, on the London Classique course. During the race both the LONDON CLASSIQUE badge and the SPRINTER APPRENTICE badge popped up on the HUD. They also appear in my ride’s summary screen. Neither appear in my trophy case. The “just do it again” attitude is quite discouraging

Hi @Carolyn_Audilet, welcome to the forums! That is strange, can you post a screen shot of your route badge achievements list when in the game?

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