Yet another badge issue - Out and Back not awarded

I rode the Out and Back route for the second time over a few days today and didn’t get the badge notification (again).

Both times I rode under the Fuego flats arch (start) and followed the full route back to the arch and beyond to finish. Neither occasion popped the badge notification. The first time I covered 45km, the second 43km.

While not a huge deal as its a relatively short route, what gives? Am I missing something?

If I am looking at the right Companion App profile, you got the badge on your ride 22 Feb 1:15am (kiwi date/time)

Turns out that I’m an idiot. I have no recollection of ever choosing the route and it wasn’t on my tracked list…doh!

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haha … morning coffee almost sprayed over the screen reading that one :rofl:

Thx for confirming (not that you are an idiot, but that I did get the right profile!)