Badges not showing for serpentine 8 & outback and again

Hi there

Last week I organised a group event with some mates and we rode on different days serpentine 8 (done it twice) and outback and again, we all never received our badges for these three rides.
Please assist ?


Your profile and Terence’s profile are private, so we can’t see if something may have gone wrong along the route, but for the one where Neil is listed he did not complete the route, so he would not have gotten the badge.

Hi Nigel

Thanks for the super quick response
I have changed my privacy settings now

Thx Jason

You didn’t complete the Serpentine 8 route on 17 January. Compare with my 20 December ride, and note where I was awarded the badge.

Jim is correct. You didn’t complete any of the routes. You were close on Out and Back Again, but a few miles short (each time) on Serpentine 8. Keep in mind that nearly all routes end at a banner or arch. Serpentine 8, for example ends the third time you pass under the arch at the bottom of the jungle (and, technically, it doesn’t actually start until you pass under it the first time. All of the mileage before that is the lead-in). Out and Back Again ends the second time you go under the arch in the desert.

So, basically, just keep riding until you see the notification on the screen that you’ve completed the route.

Thanks Guys

Please help me then, I often ride through the blue arch and only stop cycling once the timer / distance banner appears. What could I be doing wrong then ?

The meetup finish banner is not necessarily the route finish location. Depending where the meetup spawns you you may have to ride a bit more for the badge as meetups by distance use the route only distance (ie if the route is 10km with a 2km lead-in the meetup will be for 10km from the spawn point. The spawn point might be 1km from the official start of the route so you wouldn’t get the badge at the end of the meetup).

It’s always a best practice to keep riding until you are awarded the badge and check sites such as and or for full route lengths before starting so you know the total distance necessary

The blue “gate” at the end of the Meetup has no real relevance to completion of the route.

Almost all routes (mega pretzel excepted) start and end at a permanent banner.

The Serpentine 8 route’s start/finish banner is the rock arch near the caves. You have to pass it three times to finish the route. This catches a lot of people out.

What I am noticing is this: For your Serpentine 8 meetups you have set the length for 20.3km. However, this route is 19.3km PLUS at lead-in of 7.3km, for a total of 26.6km. But, as was noted by D Watson. not everyone will spawn perfectly at that point. So, try setting up your Serpentine 8 meetup for something like 28km and, I’m pretty sure, everyone will cover the full route by the time to go through the blue finish gate. Similar issue with Out and Back Again: The route is 39.8km, and there is a 2.4km lead-in. This makes a total of 42.2km. So, set your meetup distance for 43 or, to be safe, 44km and you should cover the entire route.

20.3 kilometers is the default for the Serpentine 8 meetup. One might reasonably expect the default distance for a meetup to be sufficient to complete the selected route, but this is Zwift, after all. If one goes in with reasonable expectations, one will surely be disappointed.