Route Achievement not awarded

I have completed both the new Serpentine 8 and the Mont Ventoux routes. I have selected both routes from the menu and rode 10+km beyond the end of each route. And both times the system did not award me the badge, xp, or any acknowledgement of completion.

I just want to let you there is a bug in the system. Let me know if there is any addition information I can provide to you.


The Serpentine 8 took me 16 miles to be award the badge earlier today.

You need to go further.

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I did the Serpentine 8 route Dec 19 and completed a total of 44.2 km and still didn’t get the badge. And on Sept 6 completed Ventoux with a total of 61km

Both time I started by choosing the route, completing it and continuing to bike more.

Not sure why it didn’t award the achievement.


Manual turn(s)?
Logged in on more devices?
Did you see the banner?

I got it on Dec, 19th with no issues.

Your account is private so we cant see if you actually rode far enough.

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Just completed Serpentine 8 and like you it does not show as being done. What I did notice is the Jungle Loop keeps coming up. Also I lot of others were asking how far the route was as they had done 20+ km and it had not shown as done. Looks like there’s a glitch in the system. :thinking:

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I rode Serpentine 8 yesterday and got the badge.

{EDIT - You have to go under the arch at the bottom of the Jungle Loop 3 times. Once to start the actual route, and then once each direction. The same goes for the new road - 3 times}

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It’s 26.5KM including the lead-in.

Ignore that, it’s not relevant. Zwift often brings up a leaderboard or a timer for a lao section just because you’re on part of that lap. You’d think it would know if your route included the whole lap/segment but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

Works fine


I will make my account public for a short time. And yes I rode way past the arch and the mileage. I didn’t change the route or accedently uturn. But I was super surprised when I did Ventoux the first time I was rather upset as that was a solid effort.

I did look at the badge page and they are missing or not complete.

I did do Ventoux again today (Dec 20) and yes I did get the badge this time. The only difference frim Sept 6 and today , is that I rode in group meet up.

Looks like you didnt go through the finish banner the 3rd time - turned left to head towrds new Ocean road instead of right coming out of new road.

Got the Serpentine 8 badge just 2h ago after riding 26.4km.
Route starts when you first pass the jungle arch. All before is just lead-in.
You get the badge after passing the jungle arch the 3rd time.

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Just checked your Ven Top route from Sept 6 - looks as though you selected Roule Ma Poule (or at least road that) and continued up Ven Top. It doesn’t look from that ride that you actually selected the Ven Top route.

How can you guys access Michael’s Feed/Activitys?

Companion App - he mentioned he removed the privacy setting in his last post.

Ahhh… I didn’t know I had to go through the arch a 3rd time. I read that the route was 19ish km. So when i was hitting 22 km at the turn I said I’m done. Ok. I’ll have to try again. If it is NOT a bug and just user error. Then I’m good. I just wanted to make sure if there was a bug I wanted to report it.

Ok on the Ventoux as well. I just recall doing the route and being surprised for not getting badge after 2 hours of climb.

Thanks for the clarification.

User error

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No, not a bug, just a ‘frustrator’. The lead-ins on some of the routes (especially the long lead-ins) seem to cause a fair amount of irritation, especially to those newer to the platform. After a while I think we just get numb to them. The Serpentine 8 has a pretty long lead-in, but at least a fair amount of it is downhill. That Lutscher lead-in is the worst, though! :confounded:

If you don’t like lead-ins, do your next route with long lead-in per meetup. Then your spawn point is usually near the beginning of the route.

Thanks guys.
I’m not too worried about lead-ins.
I’ve been on many virtual as well as real rides. When the prescribed distance is met and you keep going and you’re not at the end it tends to get frustrating.

It’s all about setting expectations. Don’t tell methat it is 19 but it is really 26. I’ll do the 26 just tell me that in advance.

Thanks everyone for all the friendly advice. See you in the virtual world of Zwift.