Loop de Loop Route Complete but no badge

Completed the first stage of the Zwift Games this morning, 2 laps of Loop de Loop, shows 20% complete but the route badge is not showing on the badges screen.

anyone else seen this?

Ooops I just made a thread about this also. Same happened to me.

I did the new Jurassic Coast route the other day as part of a group workout, got the in-game banner saying I completed the route and got the bonus XP but not getting the route badge on the badges screen.

not sure i got the bonus xp either… hmmmm…

i did the Big Flat 8 route and that worked fine… just today it didn’t work…

Big Flat 8 was fine for me as well. Jurassic Coast was part of the new routes for the Zwift Games (same release time as Loop de Loop) so assuming it’s related to those 4 new badges.

Hi there. Welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. Thanks for using this space to share your doubts. Undoubtedly, getting a badge is one of the most exciting things you can achieve after putting in a lot of effort on your routes. I’d like to share with you some insights about this.

The routes Loop de Loop and Jurassic Coast are available only for Zwift Games. Having said this, You won’t receive any route achievements for completing event-only routes. Perhaps if these routes are included in the regular Worlds and Routes in the future, badges could be added.

I hope this information has been useful. Ride On.

@Juan_Lopez10 Are you sure?

Hi @Milan_Rost . Thanks for your reply. The greyout badge spaces could indicate that routes could be added to regular ones in the future. I cannot confirm what improvements are currently being developed in this regard. However, route badges are not available at this time for these routes. I appreciate your active participation on this thread. Ride On.

I got feedback from support that there is a known issue with the new routes… need to check back in 24hrs to see if its been updated. There are route badges available… just some users aren’t getting them…


Thanks for flagging everyone! We are currently investigating and I will provide an update once available.


Several event-only routes do have badges (not very many). This has been true for years.

Zwift’s own “news release” (excerpt below) about Zwift Games indicates badges will be available. I completed the route this morning and, prior to closing Zwift, open my achievements to see that the route badge was no longer greyed out but, once I exited Zwift and subsequently returned, it was greyed out again. It’s speculation, but I imagine it was the same for everyone else.

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I got the XP route completion award but no badge for Loop de Loop today. Sounds like there’s some broken lines of communication at ZHQ.

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Same here. Got the Loop de Loop route complete norification, but no badge.

Same issue here as well. Hopefully, we don’t have to re-run this again. Felt like I was gonna hurl on this race. Was barely able to hang on.

We have identified the issue and has been fixed for all events going forward. For Zwifters who had earned the badge from previous events, we are working on having those re-added to your account. I will post another update once the process has been completed.


Same to me ….

We have finished processing the missing badges back to Zwifters who completed the Loop de Loop route prior to the fix and the badge should now reflect on your account.


Thanks, @manda_F !

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