More new route badges

Were the new route badges quietly slipped out with this latest release?

Does anybody know when they’ll be rideable ?

Loop de Loop
Mountain Mash
Jurassic Coast
Zwift Games 2024 Epic

They’re all for the Zwift Games which start on March 1st but I haven’t seen a schedule or if they’ll be available to other event organizers earlier (the way the last 3 new rebel routes were).


Rode Jurassic coast with Le Col Workout 2 dasy ago, got the banner and Bonus XP, but badge was not awarded.

2 days ago:


Hi @Xavier_Neys_ICE_VTX. Thanks for sharing your concern. This is Juan from Zwift. It seems you’ve been affected for a known issue on our end. These badges for the routes mentioned above were not intended to be awarded until the Zwift Games were over. However, some Zwiters like you have received the banner, and in turn not seeing the badges credited.

We have fixed this issue and you should see the route badge in your Achievements soon. We’ll update this in the forum thread below once all badges have been restored. Please go there to stay up to date with the latest updates.

Hi Juan

Badge is in my closet. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi, I’m in B category, I’d like to know how to do the mountain mash route dedicated only to C&D categories.

Wait until next month when it will be available to free ride apparently.

1 - Create your own club in Zwift
2 - Next, create an event
3 - Now edit that event in the Zwift website (share from companion app to computer)
4 - From the Zwift website you should be able to select these new routes.
5 - Now set the time of the event to be closer

You should then be able to early join your element and ride the new route without waiting for it to be released to everyone.

I have done this to immediately get a few new event only route badges quickly.

TKS Great!!!:+1:

Would be great if this road badges will be added in the Climb Portal
Badges for each climb will give an extra incentive to climb all the different climbs and collect them all. It would be great fun to collect them all and a challenge to scedule rare climbs. Also something to be proud off. Hope Zwift will consider adding this to the badges section. Look forward to it.

As a distraction from this week’s hot topic…

Rather than start a new thread, thought I’d just point out that Tim Perkin’s Thursday Mini Mountain Massif is running a custom length ~3.1Km (so ~2Km uphill) event at Mountain Mash for race 3 again today, next running at 1840 BST.

So only ~250 feet of climbing (significantly smaller than the Grand Central climb).