New Badges for rebel routes?

Just watched @Shane_Miller_GPLama 1.53 update video on YouTube and noticed a couple of route badges that I don’t have when he was talking about repack rush.

Big Flat 8
Castle Crit

There was another one, but the video moved too quickly :rofl:

Im guessing they’re rebel routes, but I was surprised to see the route icons there (greyed out- incomplete) as they’re not visible on my 1.52

Anyone else know anything

From ZwiftInsider

The badges are for three different Rebel Routes:

The badges are in game, but the routes are not yet available to ride freely. When will they be available? Watch for a big event to be announced soon!

Zwift Update Version 1.53 (122567) Released | Zwift Insider.

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Thanks for that Ian :+1:

Guessing routes will part of tour de zwift in January if still in normal spot on the calendar.

Don’t bother trying to get the badge right now. Rode it today following nav from insider and no badge awarded.


These will be avaible in January. See this post:

Yeah, I watched the video released by @Shane_Miller_GPLama earlier

Some interesting stuff coming