Rebel Routes

Having completed two rebel rides the volcano spiral and flat 8 but received no badge anyone else having problems?

There are no badges for rebel routes, the only exception being the Tour de Zwift next month. Stages in that will be using some rebel routes that will have associated badges available.

James I believe you will find there are hence they show on the achievements list at the bottom but routes are not on watopia

Those 3 are the ones James is referring to when he says "… the only exception … " :+1:

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Most likely that’s Zwift getting ahead of themselves and those are the rebel routes that will be used in the TdZ next month, they’re just showing up early.

In order to get a route badge you need to be able to select the route from one of the home screen options using that particular route. That way Zwift knows that’s what you’re doing, manual turns aren’t recognized.

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I have ridden the castle crit course on 3 separate days and several times each day and still not earned the badge. What is the trick to getting it?

See the post immediately above yours :+1: