Tour de Zwift 2024 Route Completions not Showing Up

I have completed two routes during Stage 5 and Stage 8 of Tour de Zwift for which I didn’t receive credit. Richland Rollercoaster and Big Flat 8 are not showing as completed routes in my profile. I did the full distance on both including the lead-ins

Both (event only) routes have no badge to earn.

New This Year

Fresh Route Badges

Recently-launched Rebel Route badges will be available on stage 8:

TdZ will be the first chance anyone gets to unlock these three route badges, since they were formerly Rebel Routes.

Thanks for clarifying, Ian.

But then the Companion-App needs an update. It shows me 49/49 badges for Watopia.

Android by any chance? Those numbers are nonsense if so. Mine shows 49/49 for Watopia but I’ve not done The Uber Pretzel.

Agree, I’m on IPad / iOS and mine shows 46 of 49 when it should be 48 of 51. Big Flat 8 and Spiral into the Volcano both showing as event only and not marked as completed (on ZCA but are in game)