Rebel route completion

I loaded my workout then picked tick tock to start the big flat 8.

I did the turn by turn according to the zwift insider directions as far as I can tell and my map matched when done.

I completed about 23 miles when I jumped off.

I didn’t receive the route badge so I’m not sure what I missed or did wrong.

Anyone have any insight on this?


Replying to myself.

So a search later and from what I can tell the badges are in game but the routes are not yet recognized by the program yet?

Is this correct? Weird choice but okay.

Curious. :thinking: I thought I heard someone say the routes are event-only, so if these new badges are like Neokyo Crit Course then you have to do an actual event on the route in order to get the badge. :man_shrugging:

Could be. Someone was speculating these could be part of a tour event in January.

The badges are for three different Rebel Routes:

The badges are in game, but the routes are not yet available to ride freely. When will they be available? Watch for a big event to be announced soon!

This was going to be my question.
Has anyone managed to get one of these new badges for what were “Rebel Routes”?

No, it isnt possible until the routes are loaded in the game which hasn’t happened yet.

These four former rebels route will probably be part of tour de zwift.

To get these badges they have to be done in an event

Yep. Same with Castle Crit. Will look for it in January…

These look to be available in January. See this post: