Rebel route completed - no badge awarded

With the latest Zwift update a fw new route badges appeared, one of which is Downtown Titans.

I rode this route this evening but did not receive the route badge. I have double checked my turns and I am sure I followed the route correctly. On my Strava account it even acknowledges that I completed the “Rebel Route: Downtown Titans” segment (although today’s ride is not public as I don’t want my boss to see it).

On regular routes the badge appears on screen 2-3 seconds after passing through the finish, but no say with this one. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?

It’s an event only route. How did you select and ride it? If you turned manually you won’t get a badge.

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These routes aren’t presently available in game.


Yes, I turned manually.

Ok, so I would need to join an event. That’s good info, thanks

I dont think you will recieve a badge, xp or message if you complete a rebel route.

I may be wrong…

Just to clarify, in this week’s Zwift update four spaces for new badges appeared, with the names of rebel routes. Game Update 1.22.1 - February 14th, 2022 - #10 by Roule_Thoune

However, it appears that these new routes are ‘event only’ (probably created for use in the 2022 Tour of Watopia), and so one will only get a badge for any of them by either selecting the route in the route selector (currently impossible), or taking part in an event which specifies these routes.

Edit: This begs the question: do former rebel routes that become ‘standard’ routes lose their rebel status and prestige?

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The Neokyo Crit Course was the first event only course to have a route badge. You may be able to edit your Zwift preferences file to gain access to the new event only routes, ride them, and get the route badges for them.

On my Mac, I used the ZwiftPref app from ZwiftHacks to edit my Zwift preferences file to ride the Neokyo Crit course and get the route badge for it. For Windows users, ZwiftHacks offers the zwift-preferences app to edit their Zwift preferences file.

Just rode it, very nice route indeed.

Most of the event only routes (Neokyo Crit Course , Gotham Grind) are accessible using the Zwift prefs but I was unable to use it to find the Rebel routes.
Maybe there will be an update soon.

Event only. But there are no events yet on any of the new rebel routes.
So five badges still unticked.

What’s the point of there being turn by turn instructions on Zwift insider and they being called self navigation routes if you ride them in an event and the app does the turns for you?

@B_J_J_Pauline_Herd They are former Rebel Routes, i.e. user created routes that had to be manually navigated, that Zwift has made into official routes after the last update. Granted, currently they are event only and you’d have to use ZwiftPrefs to ride them to get the badge.

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Hi @Jon_Morrell welcome to Zwift forums.
The official rebel routes will debut in Tour of Watopia 2022. As others have noted - the badges will award during upcoming ToW events, as opposed to free-riding them

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Thanks for the info