No badge for route completion

I finished the Gotham Grind this morning, but Zwift didn’t credit me for it. :frowning:

How does one engage Zwift to give credit for a completed route? There doesn’t seem to be any way to actually do that.

You can contact Zwift support and they can sometimes give you the badge if it didn’t get given due to a glitch.

I can’t explain why screen shows Gotham G or distance is only 9.7km but is there any chance you pressed wrong line and chose Park Perimeter Loop instead of Gotham Grind. Your CA activity route looks remarkably similar to Park Perimeter Loop.

Nope. I watched the distance to completion count down and upon completion, no banner was displayed. I picked the route from the route selection and never deviated. I suppose I could have recorded crossing the end of the ride, but I never actually expected Zwift to just not honor a completion. I did at least capture that the image atop the screen shows the ride completed.

Your right you did select Gotham Grind - route completion and also activity title show that.

I think you have been undone by the Uturn bug as mentioned in this thread:

You start the route in the right place and a Uturn is immediately performed, by the system ?, but route completion doesn’t stop recording distance covered.

I’m sure Zwift support will allocate you the badge even though, through no fault of your own, I don’t think you actually rode the correct Gotham Grind route.

Very interesting. I never heard of that bug before, but you may be right. I rode another ride prior to this and after the ride ended (and badge awarded), I tried to do a U-turn (via CA app and in the windows app) and it didn’t work, so I quite that ride. I then joined another ride (this one, Gotham). As soon as I started, the avatar immediately made a u-turn. I really didn’t think anything of it since the banner at the top still showed I was on the route.
That ride is short enough, so I’ll just do it again, but I’d be really upset if if I did, say Ven Top and didn’t get credit.

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