Downtown Titans route - navigation wrong, no badge

I rode the new Downtown Titans route tonight, by choosing it in the ride screen as always. I wasn’t familiar with the route so I didn’t realize anything was wrong, but he navigation for the route was off, as it simply directed me around and around the Hilly Route (I didn’t touch the navigation controls at all). Meanwhile the route progress bar dutifully showed me “riding the Downtown Titans route”, counting the distance down to zero, but once it did it simply remained as a full progress bar, and I didn’t get the badge. Weird.

Hey Darren,

Sorry this happened to you. I’ve done the route myself and not had any options.

Can you tell us a little bit about your setup? What OX are you using? Was this the new home screen or the old one?

Hi James.

I’m using Apple TV, it has the same home screen it has always had so I guess that’s the old one. Companion app on Android.

Thanks Darren.

Other iOS users, have you had any similar problems?

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Hi @Darren_McHugh, I tried to find you in the companion app but your profile is set to private so I couldn’t see the ride and compare to the actual route. Can you post a screen shot of the ride or link to the activity?

Did it a few weeks ago on Apple TV without issue and received the route badge.

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Hi all,
I set the activity to public and the link is here. Hope this helps.

screenshot - it never took me into Titans grove at all (though i didn’t realize it was supposed to until later).

That’s definitely Hilly Route.

That clearly isn’t Downtown Titans, should have gone through Titans Grove up the KOM first, then back downtown to hit the hilly KOM.

Maybe you chose the wrong route with the Apple TV remote?

The title shows Downtown Titans though, unless it was edited.

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Good point, manual turn then?

Yes, that’s definitely hilly route, but no I definitely chose “Downtown Titans” because a) that’s where the title came from - I didn’t edit it - and b) throughout the ride the route progress bar cheerfully counted my progress on “Downtown Titans”.

As it approached zero I thought “hmm this is an odd place to end the ride, halfway up a hill”, but once it hit zero it switched to ‘3000m to go’ with the progress bar full (still showing “Downtown Titans”), and I thought hmm that’s weird. The 3000m was apparently the distance to the next finishing banner, because when I hit the downtown banner it hit zero and just stopped counting down (but still showing me on Downtown Titans, progress bar still full".) At that point I figured something was definitely wrong and I wasn’t going to get a badge.

Sounds like a glitch in the matrix. Do you force close Zwift on the Apple TV after every ride? That might get rid of these gremlins.

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Hi Darren,

I’ve had a look through the server logs and can definitely see that you chose Downtiwn Titans as your route selection.

I take it you didn’t make any manual turns during your ride?

Mike’s idea of force closingh the application may help, but I’m not that familiar with the AppleTV.

Hi James,

I didn’t intentionally make any manual turns… but at the beginning of the ride I was peddling, fumbling around with the music on my phone and looking away from the screen, as one does, so maybe I did somehow do so accidently? I think that’s improbable but within the bounds of possibility I guess. (but then the route progress banner shouldn’t have been still showing “Downtown Titans”…I should have taken a photo of that).

Oh well, I’ll give it another try. I generally do force quit the app every time but may have forgotten on this occasion.


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Thanks Darren. Sorry it didn’t work out this time.

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I rode this route tonight as a workout - didn’t know the exact details and no progress bar to give me any clues so I thought all was ok till started to go up Hilly KOM again without getting route badge.

Route matches what I believe is the correct course but it took me up Hilly KOM first then the Forward Sprint and then doing Titans Grove Reverse KOM. It’s like it started me in the middle of the route - didn’t take any wrong turns as that’s not an option during a workout.

Guess if I’d kept going after second Hilly KOM I might have gotten the badge but didn’t get that far doing an hour for recovery workout

Darren rode counterclockwise, so it is not Hilly Route. It looks like Darren did a u-turn right at the beginning → maybe
Darren, do you have a Strava-Account and a link to the activity?

Hi Jurgen,

Here’s a link to the strava, 27.8 km Ride Activity on May 9, 2022 by Darren M. on Strava

it doesn’t seem to show any “uturns” (it just has me going in the wrong direction right away), but I think your explanation of an accidental Uturn with the remote is a good one. (I certainly didn’t do an “intentional Uturn” by holding down the button… I was however looking away from the screen and fumbling with remotes/phone etc at the start of the ride so the “instant U turn bug” without me noticing is entirely plausible).

That said, the app should still have noticed I wasn’t on the route anymore and taken the progress bar down, so I could have just restarted. Oh well, I was able to complete the route properly the next week, so no big deal.