How do I complete a route


When I select a particular route I.e. this morning I selected Tick Tock from the Watopia course and then hit ‘Go ride’. I didn’t change the route at all during the ride but there is no notification to say I had completed it. I did the distance and ended up going a little more. When I check in my achievement badges it doesn’t show that I completed any routes when I know i have.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks Garvan

Nothing. It is what it is … :sleepy:
Just vote here:

Tick-Tock does not have an achievement badge. The badges for the routs is new so you have to ride them again to get the badge.

Tick-Tock will end where you start, it is a circle loop. There is no banner that pop up to say you completed a lap.

That’s a shame. Hope they add something to address this simple problem.

Thanks Gerrie. Will do another route tomorrow so hopefully it gets recognised and added to my achievements.

you have to go to the sprint finish.

Thanks Larry but I’ve gone past the sprint finish a few times but this doesn’t seem to change anything

What route did you do?

As I said there is no popup that will say you have finished, you just ride past the start/finish line and start another lap.

The only indication you will get on some routes you will see a banner if you completed a lap for the first time. But there are badges you earn.

Yea I realise that. I did the Greatest London Loop but I know there isn’t a badge for that route

Your question is more or less a subliminal request.
This should be build in.
Every route you have chosen on startup you should see a progress bar!
Big enough to see progress.

When finishing a route you should get experience like getting it when finishing Alp du Zwift route. The longer the route the more experience. The faster you go the more experience. You should get some reward for beeing faster to your previous time and for reaching very good times f.ex. holding around 4 wpk or 5 wpk over the whole route. It would make sense to get more or only experience when riding solo. Would be fun.

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I rode Surrey hills loop today, no badge.

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NYC. Knickerbocker. No route badge.

Make sure you are completing the entire route.

Yes. Rode 25 km and nothing. Working for most routes.

I can’t recall but I think the spawn point is after the banner. (I have to confirm)
If that is true then you need to make a U turn as you start, go under the banner do another U -turn and then do the lap.

The Finish for Surrey Hills is at the top of the Fox hill. This means you have to climb the Fox Hill twice. 5 climbs in total.

I did the Knickerbocker yesterday and I got my badge. You get it when passing the Sprint banner.

worked for me just try again

Routes completed before this new feature started don’t count
You need to choose the route you want from the main menu. You will not get a badge if you manually navigate the route.
I have always gotten a banner indicating that I completed a route.
Where you spawn to start your ride is not the beginning of the route. Generally it starts a little later at a banner but I have noticed that you may need to ride for a little while longer than 1 lap of the route before you get the banner showing your completion.
You need to complete your ride…sign out… and back in if you want to do a second route or third etc…

Are any of you running android?

Email to zwift, they say working on a fix. No work around.