Could not complete a route

In my last 2 rides, Bigger Loop in Watopia and The London Pretzel in London I could only manage 42 kms for bigger loop and 35 kms for The London Pretzel and could not complete the routes. How does incomplete route gets logged ? Can I go back and check for such incomplete routes ?

Hi @Anil_Rajput, if you don’t complete the route then you won’t get the badge for it in your achievements. Check which routes you still need in the menu/achievements when riding in game (unfortunately you have to spawn into one of the worlds before you can check which routes you have yet to complete).

You can track them manually, as many Zwifters do, or use a 3rd party site like to track your progress.

Does this answer your question?


Thanks for the reply. I checked as suggested by you and all the routes which I had completed even more than once I am getting a message " Complete the Route". For e.g. I have completed Tempus Fugit atleast 20 times and more and some times on a route of 17.2 kms I have cycled for 40 kms but still the message get is complete the route.

Am I missing something before or after the race. Asking since I am really liking riding on the hills and want to hit 100 kms

When you look at the badges and hover over the route badges they will always say “complete the route”, that doesn’t mean you haven’t. If the badge is coloured then you have completed it according to zwift, and if it is blank then you haven’t.


Thanks a lot for the tip. Used this info and updated it on Zwifthub