No Badge for the Mega Pretzel route

Hey all,

Today I wanted to finish my second last routebadge the Mega Pretzel. Like the other 65 routes I did, selected it and started riding. But after 107km no badge, I peddeled along the next two Banners, but also nothing happend. And ended at 115km. What could be wrong?


The Megapretzel is one of the few routes (if not the only one) that doesn’t start and end at a banner. It starts and ends at the crossing Vulcono -> Italian Village.

Did it at May 4th and it worked.

Your Strava looks good, so I don’t know what went wrong here.


Thanks for the help, I contacted Zwift and they can’t add a badge due technical limitations. I think I have to do a 4 hour ride on the bike again :thinking:

I did the ride completly like supposed so its a pitty.

Update: Zwift customer support says the mega pretzel route badge does not excist, getting stranger and stranger

Hi Rein,

I checked your Strava Ride and something happened here (see screenshots), do you remember what it was? Although Strava recorded that you did the route, the Zwift Game doesnt like any deviations. Same thing happened to me I remember exactly what I did, hit U-turn by accident on my keyboard, I turned around immediately back on to the course but to no avail, Strava also shows I completed the route but Zwift Support gave me the same sad story they gave you. Luckily my ride was much shorter Three Sisters 120mins only

P.S. I wont bother listening to Customer Support either as per Ben’s post here he completed the route and probably got the Mega Pretzel badge too. I just double checked the Zwift Game again and the badge is there to be earned.

Many thanks Malcolm you looked at it, this is probaly the problem. I’m always very sharp on u-turning, that’s not the case. I can’t remember what happende there in the middle of a climb. I also send the files to Zwift this morning and they have a look.

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