Mega Pretzel - Badge


Today, I participated in “Resucitando o Corpo” event. After the stipulated 3 hours, I continued to ride to win the badge, but, unfortunately, I was convinced that the achievement would be won on the Zwift KOM rev. So, my brain stopped and I did just 106.98 km. Is there any chance that Zwift can give me the badge? Or do I have to do the route again?

Sara Parada

Since the route is 107km + 3.7km lead-in for a total of 110.7km, sorry to say I highly doubt Zwift would provide you the route badge since you didn’t officially complete the route.

Unfortunately zwift don’t have the ability to allocate badges. They had some issues when route badges where first released and advised that don’t have the ability to give badges. You’ll need to ride the route again I’m afraid.

Even if you are given the badge and bonus points, in game , often it is not there the next day… the response for the past few years from swift support is still : do to technical limitations , it is not possible to allocate completed badges.

why thousand of dollars later is there still a “limitation” ? #Prioriies ?