No clear indication that Mega Pretzel (or any other) route has been finished

First of all, hats off to all the people at Zwift. You have really made riding indoors a lot less miserable and I thank your for that. The community engagement that your team tries to foster and the events that you host are all fantastic. That aside…

Last weekend I wanted to take on The Mega Pretzel. Just over 3 hours later I was nearing the end of the route and the blue progression bar began to disappear and reappear leaving me worried that I would not get credit for completing the route. 

Then, at the end it disappeared altogether not to return and there was no visual or audio indication that I had finished the route. So I rode an extra 7km just to ensure I had indeed conquered the route. My suggestion is just that there be some indication that a route is completed when you begin your session by selecting a specific route.



You should get a jersey for finishing it non-stop. So many silly achievements, but things like long ride routes are ignored.