End of Route: Congratulations or at least an indicator

It would be nice, if, for all routes, you get an indicator to let you know you’ve actually finished the route.

For example, the Mega Pretzel, Three Sisters - there doesn’t seem to be any logical end-point to some of these rides. The routes can be a good challenge and an admirable goal to complete, but since there’s no clear finish line, it’s kind of anticlimactic when you’re done.

Maybe something just as simple as a confetti throw like when you finish a workout - that way you know you’ve completed the whole route.

Yes…Yes…Yes…Yes! Can I vote more than once? :wink: This really seems like a total no-brainer and fairly simple feature to me, but admittedly, I’m not a programmer and so there may be challenges I can’t contemplate. But, for this feature, I draw a comparison to real life riding. When you ride IRL, if it’s a route you regularly ride, you know the absolute start and finish of that route. In Zwift, you have to rely on either the Zwift app route distance info, or Zwift Insider and you have to sort of pay attention, while typically in oxygen debt, to the distance you’ve ridden as you near the end of the route/course. But there’s no banner or “portal” (like you see in workout mode), nor is there any sort of alert letting you know that you are nearing the end of “tempus fugit” for example so that you can maybe kick it into gear to try and get a PR for the entire course.

I ride a lot of the same routes all the time, as I’m sure do most cyclists, and because I ride those rides quite a bit, I have a good idea of what a good time for that entire course is. not just certain sprint or KOM segments, but a lot of times, I want to challenge myself to hit a good or best time for the entire course. Having a definite end to a course not only gives the rider a sense of accomplishment, but allows them to try and push themselves, while on course, to try and hit their best time for the route. Sure, I know we can go over to Strava or Garmin Connect and compare there, but man, wouldn’t it be great to have feedback while on course? So maybe not only have a finite end to the course you selected to ride, but maybe have some prompts along the way. “5 miles to go (Sorry, I’m a Yank…no km’s for me :wink: ), keep up the good work!” "If you stay at this pace, you’ll set a PR for “insert course name here”, etc. Maybe even a flame rouge letting you know you are in the last km/mile for the selected course.

Added a bit to the original request. At a minimum, course end banner akin to what you get when you complete an event when you are free riding a course. And absolutely, don’t force the rider to stop there…under the banner…completion notice, confetti, summary info, etc. with end ride/continue options, defaulting to continue if you don’t select anything after 30/45 seconds. The motivational prompts/flame rouge stuff can come later, but the finish banner for free riding a course, not custom, but system route, should be a feature.

Oh and it just occurred to me…if a rider decides to turn around or turn off preset course, that wipes out this feature. It would only apply if you rode the course as structured and only the first lap of the course. Baby steps with this feature.

They End at the Start/Finish banner.


I would say 90% of all routes end at the Start/Finish banner. The Exceptions are the hill top finishes that end ant the KOM banner. Then there are the new desert routes that end at the Sprint banner.

Gerrie, you’re probably a much more experienced Zwifter than I, and I don’t have any direct evidence to back up what I’m about to say, but in my free ride experiences, seems like a lot of the courses, and not just talking about Watopia courses, spawn in the middle of “nowhere”. And I’ll add one other thing…I noticed the other day when I rode either out and back or tick tock (can’t remember which one I did that day) that the distance on Zwiftinsider for that course was different than the distance showing on the Zwift app. Now, not a huge difference, but might have been a .3 or so distance difference and so that being the case, and Zwift Insider measurements supposedly being hyper accurate, seems as though that kind of disconnect would indicate some of the finish discrepancies I’m talking about.

I’ll try and grab a few screen caps and pay more attention my next few free rides. I’m planning on doing Road to Ruins tonight, so I’ll try and do a pic of the distance / elevation gain in the Zwift app, my spawn spot and my location on the map when I hit the rated distance according to the app and see if what you’ve stated above holds true for that Watopia route.

I have been complaining about this for 5 years and still not fixed. Can Zwift just popup the banner whenever a ride is completed, whether it’s the first time the ride is completed or the 100th time. The banner already exists for the first time a ride is completed, why cant this programming logic just be replicated for all future rides of the same route.


I agree, every single time you finish a route there should be some kind of indicator, if for no other reason than Zwift doesn’t provide any way to tell which route you are riding. More than once I’ve fat-fingered the wrong route and didn’t realize it until I was way over mileage looking for an end banner, and did a map comparison.

Yup agreed that knowing which route are you riding and having some kind of ‘alert’ to know you’ve ended the route would be amazing!