Complete a route feature

I often use Zwift much like I ride IRL – I go out on a route and I’m not following a training plan – my goal is to complete the route.

I’d love to see a simple “ride and complete a route feature” either in game, in the Companion app, or both. For me, and I’d assume for others too, I’d love to quickly select a route and then ride that, but have Zwift tell me how far I have left to go for that route, and when I complete it. I’ve found in some worlds it’s kinda hard to tell when you finish a route (such as NYC) and there’s no indication you have.

I know it’s possible to determine when you finish a route (assuming you know where you are and how far you have to go), but I often find when I’m riding that I don’t remember the exact distance of it, and find myself going to Zwiftinsider and looking it up while I’m riding. And for new folks, it would help as a very simple training goal – to finish a route and have Zwift verify that you have.

And further down the line, perhaps it could record my times for the various routes and save those to my profile. But for now, just doing a simple “you’ve completed XXX route” would be very helpful for experienced and noobs alike.

Thanks and great work!

Absolutely agree with this feature request. This is a simple milestone that helps riders/runners to gain a sense of accomplishment and that drives us to do more!

For instance, in game there is a simple award for doing the Volcano lap 5 times - but there is no way to track your progress on this. Maybe a lap counter/count-down feature would help. Perhaps an option to turn off suggestions for changing the route which take you off the selected course. I suppose those are two different features from a programming pov.

Thanks for all your great work thus far!


There is a lap counter on the volcano circuit, right as you pass through the banner inside the volcano.


Can’t wait to try it out!

Yeah the lap counter is interesting, have used it plenty but mostly on group rides.

This feature request basically makes a route a workout in a sense, which is the way I think a lot of people ride IRL. And of course we of course often use a GPS bike computer to show where we are in the course and how far we have to go on it.

I’ve also seen people new to Zwift ask me “hey how far do I have to go on this route” and I explain to them there’s no indication other than where they are on a map. But then the courses often wind around and feature different areas etc, so there’s no real way of sorting that out easily other than remembering which course you’ve selected and then looking up how far it is.

It would be cool to extend the blue box w/ wattage, HR and RPM with a small “Route:” name and distance to go. It could even be shared amongst riders so you see other riders are doing the same route, and people would naturally team up on the ride if they wanted (something I’ve done plenty of times on hilly/hard rides where obviously other people are on the same course). It would effectively make a route into a randomized group workout of sorts as well.


Completely agree with this request. I’m an experienced cyclist but only tried Zwift for the first time last night. I simply wanted to ride a route in order to get familiar with the features and interface. I thought distance to completion would be an obvious metric.


I agree that the route name and “distance to go” would be a great feature. I’m new to Zwift and don’t know many of the routes that well. I often find myself biking to an approximate distance of the route selected.


Here you go …

I like to have this feature too. Riding routes build by Zwift or my own and to see progress would be a lot more fun for solo rides!


Definitely a good start! Now just add a distance to go of route total on the screen or app and it will help a lot of people.


Not sure why this isn’t available. if I do an event it can provide these details, so this functionality is available on routes.


Its here, but not all the routes are actually working… Royal pump room 8 is broken for one…

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You need to go 2 times around to get credit for that one.

or couldn’t you just pull a U-turn right away, ride under the banner, then pull another U-turn?


Not sure, but this is from ZwiftInsider:

To get the badge, ride the route in a free ride (including workouts) or event. Important note: you don’t get badges for manually navigating a route. You must select it from the routes list, or ride it in an event.

Here is the link to the article:

I’ll try it next Friday when Yorkshire is back on the schedule (or you can hack into it and give it a go)

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Important note: you don’t get badges for manually navigating a route. You must select it from the routes list, or ride it in an event.

This is the most weird implementation since a long time.
What is going on here?
If i know the tracks i should be able to get multiple route achievement in one session. Instead i have to lockout and login again over and over … :expressionless:


The point is “this is my opinion” to make users especially new users aware of new routes, where to find them and where they start and end. There has been a lot of requies by new people on how to know if they finished a route.

This route Royal pump may have been a bit of a oversight, as it start just after the start banner, and zwift count banner to banner. My fix would be to just use the reverse direction of this route for the badge, that way you will spawn before the start banner.


Of course. But how should new users be aware of new routes when they can’t choose them inside an activity?

You have to start a ride in order to be able to see achievments. Next step would be to reload the game … and afterwards to click route x on map y.

Funny thing is many people don’t even know about zwiftinsider (which is quite handy but unfortunately only available in english language …)


Just rode Sands and Sequoias last night, but didn’t get the achievement. Made sure to ride past the suggested distance, but didn’t unlock it.
Went back in later and still nothing.
This feature would help know where you stand for sure.

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It look like you stopped to early.



Your actual spawn location will be before the start pens, but the actual route doesn’t begin until you’re up the road a bit, crossing the rock arch start/finish line. This is also the end of the route.

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