Lap counter with the new route completion bar

With the lovely addition of the route completion bar, showing us how far along the selected route we are, I would like to see a counter for how many times we’ve done the lap. Doing 25 laps of the Volcano, for instance, would be easier to track than just the counter at the start (I’ve missed looking at it so many times now :wink: ) Maybe something like this? I know, I’m an artist!

Good idea :ride_on:


That’s a great idea. Nice!!

Also outstanding KMs or Miles left on the progress bar would be handy too


Great idea! For the UI details they could keep the interface clean “as is” for < 1 lap and once you start ticking against a 2nd lap convert it into “lap mode” which could update the UI for that brand of awesome (splits, timer, best, etc). However, the concept of an alternative UI mode for people doing laps is most likely a scope greater then satisfying this elegant request for an additional point of data on the interface.

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Seems they added the remaining KM’s to the progress bar! We’re half way! :smiley: