Route Progress Bar

The new route progress bar is great, helpful, and a nice bit of feedback to indicate that you finished a route. (nice when you have already done the route and gotten the badge)

Not sure how many small errors there might be, but thought I would post here.

My understanding is that routes start and finish at a banner, so sometimes there is a lead - in.

Just rode the Greatest London Flat route and the lead-in distance seems wrong to me, there was no banner to indicate the “start” of the route, and there was an obvious banner at the finish that I am pretty sure should have been where the lead - in ended.


It would be better with actual distance left in numbers km/miles. Imagine a gps irl that had a progress bar instead of actual distance.

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I’ve spotted a few of these too.

I have also noticed that if you steer off some courses (volcano flat being one) it keeps on filling up and once full just stays there at the top.