Progress Bar for Routes

Please add a progress bar similar to those used in races and group rides to routes so that you know how far you have to the finish as the total distasteful not always clear since the “lead in” miles are not added too the total distance displayed in the route menu.

It’s already there for the longer and/or more convoluted routes, but I guess it would make sense to display it for any route for which the user does not have the badge. (I don’t really need to see how much I have left of lap umpteen of the Volcano or whatever.)

PRL Full, 30-odd km left:


I did the Uber pretzel and it wasn’t there. Plus, this only shows time, need distance.

Yes, very frustrating not knowing when the route actually starts and then not knowing how much farther to go.


No, the bar is based on distance. It’s of course possible that it is not provided on all platforms or all routes for which it makes sense, and in my experience it does also disappear on its own every time you approach an intersection.

I came in to suggest just this. By mile 10, I’ve forgotten which route I’ve chosen and I would love to know how much I have left to go; along with how much I have left to climb! It affects the pacing. I assume I’ll learn them more as I do them more often, but some routes are a loop that doesn’t end where it began.

Would be great if the route was highlighted on the map too.

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