Progress Bar for Routes

Please add a progress bar similar to those used in races and group rides to routes so that you know how far you have to the finish as the total distasteful not always clear since the “lead in” miles are not added too the total distance displayed in the route menu.

It’s already there for the longer and/or more convoluted routes, but I guess it would make sense to display it for any route for which the user does not have the badge. (I don’t really need to see how much I have left of lap umpteen of the Volcano or whatever.)

PRL Full, 30-odd km left:


I did the Uber pretzel and it wasn’t there. Plus, this only shows time, need distance.

Yes, very frustrating not knowing when the route actually starts and then not knowing how much farther to go.


No, the bar is based on distance. It’s of course possible that it is not provided on all platforms or all routes for which it makes sense, and in my experience it does also disappear on its own every time you approach an intersection.

I came in to suggest just this. By mile 10, I’ve forgotten which route I’ve chosen and I would love to know how much I have left to go; along with how much I have left to climb! It affects the pacing. I assume I’ll learn them more as I do them more often, but some routes are a loop that doesn’t end where it began.

Would be great if the route was highlighted on the map too.


Yes please! I find I forget the distance of the route I’ve chosen, and if my head is down I sometimes miss the notification to say I’ve done it. Or even worse think I’ve done it to find I’d stopped just short.

A progress bar would make all the difference. I find it a great motivator on the ride that have it - particularly towards the end.

While all routes don’t have in-game progress bars, I think that if you do a route as a Meet Up you will get a progress bar for all routes. So, round up a friend (or several) and do a Meet Up.

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Yes, if you set the meet-up for distance (i.e route) and not time it will display a progress bar showing you a visual of how much of the route is left. The point is, obviously Zwift has the capability of this feature already so instead of having to a do a meet-up hack/workaround why can’t they be bothered to implement it in free ride mode? Seems like an easy “win” for them in a game update that people have actually been asking for and lord knows the past few updates have been underwhelming to say the least.


I agree. As a female I know very few other female cyclists to join up with, so finding one able to cycle at the same time would take some coordination/coercion, which is a lot of effort just to get a progress bar. And I don’t particularly want to start trying to find random people to cycle at the same time as me as a way round a missing feature.

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Yes, please.

I would also love it if this was implemented. Please add this feature!

Agree with the above, knowing what distance you have left on a course would be really good, as it’s not easy to quickly work out with the lead in distances. Would also be good to know when you have finished a route (not just the first time you do it).


Yes please.
Perhaps a red progress line overlaid on the map in ZC.

I am a new user and it was one of my first thoughts, how to find a progress bar for my route.

+1 from me for this feature.

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Knowing where your going and how far is to go are fine, but why having selected a route do we have to put up with the elevation map showing clips not on our route.
France is a good example where Ventoux is shown on most of the elevations, where the rest of the route is shown a very flat.

That is a very annoying representation.

Came here to write this - Im a zwift noob and find it difficult to know my progress on a route.

I use it to pace/push and generally progress against my personal goals. I forgot the route on my first ride, so stopped after 15.1k’s (thought the route was 14ish) only to later find out I was 300m shy of the loop… WTF!

Im real life you know when you are getting close, please implement this. Possibly add as a toggle so users can switch on/off as they see fit (note users concerns re climb above) also poss display on map

Please please please!!!

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Upvoted. This is such a simple feature I can’t beleive that its missing.

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