Zwift Time Trial HUD

Yesterday while I was racing the HERD HEries event, I noticed that the Time Trial HUD does not actually display your distance remaining in the TT(isn’t that kinda important for a TT???). Would be great if Zwift could add some kind of route progress bar somewhere.

It usually does, my guess is that it was missing due to being a custom finish line, @James_Zwift could probably confirm this?

It’s because it’s not Tempus Fugit or Bologna. It’s only designed to work on them, although technically you can use it on any route, the HUD isn’t fully functional.

We’re actually doing some work on this at the moment.

@Oliver_ZRace_Central the event description which I assume that you must have read, said that it was a single lap.

But I was begging for it to finish too :joy:


Ah, thought I remembered seeing distance remaining in previous TT’s(can’t really make that plural because I’ve only done one, other than yesterdays event :joy:). Read the description so I knew the distance/details, but for others that didn’t(a few asked for the distance mid event), it would have been pretty hard to pace themselves.


I did this event with a few team members from ZRL and the blank progress status bar and missing distance remaining definitely came up in post race chat as a deficiency. We all knew the distance but expected to see distance remaining. Seems odd that you get a functional progress bar for normal routes in free rides but not in TT; glad this is being worked on. In the meantime it seems like the progress bar should be removed if it’s not going to work.

Edit: I’m assuming that big long grey bar is a progress status bar, apologies and ignore this if it’s not.

Again, this is on an unsupported route.

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@James_Zwift Is there a plan to increase the range of support? Your TT series would greatly benefit from it (enjoyed the first event, but wasn’t quite sure how far round I was, which made me limit my exertion).

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Yeah - That’s a fair comment and also why I put the distances of each event in the description.

Give me a shout if you’re not sure on anything.

AFAIK no current plans to extend functionality further than what is currently there - but note we have recently brought TT functionality to all routes.

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Thanks James, I’ll see if I can find another opportunity this week to get round again, armed with the distance figure. May be able to get a few improvements!

Good luck - I’ve also asked the team if we can build distance remaining into the UI.

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